Gastronomic institution

The new Pretzhof building’s striking, dark structure in Gasteig, South Tyrol, is reminiscent of a function carried out inside: the smoking of bacon. Pretzhof stands for regionality, tradition, and pleasure. The products made in-house are sold in the shop or enjoyed in the bistro. The smoky colour of the exterior façade continues inside. The lighting connects the different rooms, creating a soothing atmosphere and drawing attention to the products on display.

Atmosphere with contrasts

KUP – ARCH Architekens concept is based on a combination of visual and haptic contrasts. The light and dark rooms with their rough, natural, and shiny surfaces create different moods and impressions.  As a unifying element, the lighting concept supports the characteristics of the material combinations and crafts a special atmosphere in each room.

High light quality for first-class goods 

The bistro welcomes guests with an inviting, warm ambience; in the adjoining shop, the company's own products are set centre stage with lighting accents. The light runs through the project like a golden thread. The challenge was to create a harmonious and calming atmosphere while drawing attention to the presented products. At the same time, it was necessary to create a connection between the darkly clad areas, which absorb an extremely large amount of light, and the areas with a large amount of daylight.

"Through the excellent colour rendering of the lighting, we created daylight-like spectra, which are very important for the tasting and sale of high-quality, regional products."

Arch. Matylda Gosciniak, KUP – ARCH Architeken

Aesthetic, flexible, and digital

The SASSO family proved to be a simple yet aesthetic shop lighting system that could be optimally integrated into all types of ceilings (wood, concrete, drywall), both indoors and outdoors. With different light intensities, colours, and beam characteristics, this series can be used in entire buildings. The Dali capability meant that the luminaires could be integrated into the digitalised building concept as part of the Industria 4.0 certification.


We are inspired by a careful selection of project-specific materials, surfaces, and colours when conceptualising spaces. Their contrasts, colours, and haptics inspire us. The targeted interplay of light with material and colour creates special spatial experiences. The light acts like a catalyst that makes rooms and materials into one, connects everything, and provides a structure and order.

KUP – ARCH Architeken



round recessed 1 lamp


surface / suspended system


Photographer: Oskar Da Riz
Architect: KUP – ARCH Architeken