Lighting for healthcare facilities

Lighting for recovery

The extent to which light conditions and the human organism are connected is only gradually being explored. One thing is certain: Light is a significant health factor. Lighting in the healthcare sector fulfils a wide range of functions. To ensure the best possible treatment quality and reliable diagnostics, a wide range of standard specifications must be complied with, from the mandatory brightness on the examination couch to glare-free lighting at the staff workstation. Different regulations apply in dental practices than in nursing homes. However, it is always important to focus on the needs of the individual to optimise treatment outcomes. Hospital lighting should be functional while creating a pleasant sense of space.

Lighting in harmony with the inner clock

Human Centric Lighting is a major focus. Natural daylight influences our hormone balance and controls a range of processes in the body. Therefore, patients recover best where artificial light is adjusted to their inner clock. Dynamic light changes gently from cool white in the morning to warm white in the afternoon. Paired with balanced room acoustics, patients thus enjoy deeper sleep and noticeably improved recovery – a decisive factor in healing and shortening hospital stays.

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Lighting inspirations for the healthcare sector

Real-world examples. See how lighting can be used in a practical, needs-oriented, and regenerative manner based on implemented lighting concepts from the healthcare sector.

Luminaires for the health sector


round recessed 1 lamp

SPADO 100 / 150

round recessed




basic ceiling

Can light save lives?

Light has always been closely connected with humankind. Irrespective of advances in civilisation and technology, light influences many processes that take place in the human body every day. That is why artificial lighting is increasingly geared to the circadian rhythm – the day-night rhythm – of human beings. Read more about the biological effect of light and health-promoting lighting concepts.

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Acoustics for healthcare facilities

In the health sector, acoustic planning is indispensable. In places where people get back on their feet after illness or accidents or reorient themselves, environments are needed that facilitate this. The requirements for comprehensive room-acoustic planning in the healthcare sector are many and varied.

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Efficiency and sensor technology

A functional lighting system is of central importance for patients and staff. For employees in healthcare facilities, lighting must meet the requirements of the visual task – from examinations to care and service to laboratory activities. To ensure that patients feel comfortable in their rooms, the lighting should both comply with standards and also be individually adaptable. The lighting should also be easy and intuitive to control.

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Light for recovery

Light is a significant health factor. In addition to health-promoting aspects in intensive care, lighting enables the creation of an atmosphere that helps patients recover and provides staff with an activating working environment. Read more about the lighting solutions for hospitals, care homes, and medical practices in the comprehensive brochure.

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