Salesroom lighting in fashion 

Experience shops in the right light

Shopping is a sensual experience. This is especially true for clothing and accessories. An inspiring atmosphere in which customers enjoy browsing is created above all by the right lighting. It should first help with orientation on the sales floor, visually structuring the space, as well as emotionally staging the fashion. Pleasant lighting increases the attractiveness of the clothing and jewellery on display and the length of time customers spend in the store, significantly increasing their willingness to purchase.

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Salesroom lighting

Fashion and trends constantly change, and fashion stores’ collections change several times a year. To ensure lighting can adapt to a shop’s arrangements, lighting solutions need to be flexible to enable ever-changing scenography. 

Our MOVE IT, BO, and VARO product families offer precisely this freedom: The rotatable and tiltable insets can be repositioned at will. Supplemented by focusable recessed or surface-mounted spotlights such as SASSO or BO as well as the classic MINO profile luminaire, a dynamic lighting range is created to ensure a vivid store environment. To avoid light surfaces becoming too homogeneous, beam angles and brightness contrasts can be varied. This creates a visual dynamic that makes visiting a store entertaining. The customer's attention is drawn by highlighting specific merchandise displays and mannequins that create an intuitive path through the store.

Salesroom planning examples

Here we will take you through a real lighting concept, developed for a customer. After an initial consultation, it was agreed with the customer to develop two lighting concepts that are both versatile and efficient, in terms of the product selection, and also represent opposite moods.

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Planungsbeispiel VARO
Planungsbeispiel VARO
Planungsbeispiel MOVE IT 45
Planungsbeispiel MOVE IT 45

Products for salesroom lighting

New Version


round recessed 1 lamp


1 lamp recessed


CURVE ceiling / suspended system


surface / suspended system

BO 55 / 70


Fitting room lighting

Customers decide whether to buy something while in a fashion store’s fitting room. The more comfortable they feel trying on clothes and the more positive their self-perception in the fitting room, the more likely they are to make a purchase. That is why lighting in fitting rooms plays a key role. The ideal is soft, widespread, diffuse light that surrounds the body, makes skin irregularities "disappear" and, in contrast to directional spotlights, creates a homogeneous and attractive overall image.

Our products such as MINO or CORNER are perfect for lighting a fitting room as they deliver uniform illumination. This makes the products look appealing to the customers from all angles while avoiding unflattering shadows. Where local fashion stores are increasingly competing with online retailers, attractively designed fitting rooms can give them an edge. Here, customers have the opportunity to experience brands and clothing literally up close and feel the inspiring atmosphere of the store. This means that the fitting room is not simply a means to an end but has to be consciously designed. XAL has developed its own lighting concept for fitting rooms in collaboration with renowned lighting designers. We combine lighting principles from photo studios with those from retail. The body's silhouette is optimally staged, making a shopping experience feel like a cover photoshoot.

Products for fitting room lighting

SPADO 100 / 150

round recessed


round ceiling


surface / ceiling



Cash desk lighting

The cash desk completes the shopping experience. It should be appealing and friendly so that customers feel assured of their purchase decision and leave the store feeling positive. Spatially effective lighting accents support orientation in the queuing area. Eye-catching elements such as large pendants or suspended luminaires with decorative shades are ideal to make the checkout area easy to find from anywhere in the shop. 

Although employees also move around the sales floor, the checkout area is where they work the longest stretches. Lighting in this area should therefore also meet the requirements of a standard-compliant and healthy workplace. Sufficient brightness is required on the table surface when scanning and packing goods as well as when accepting payment. This makes work less stressful for the eyes and reduces exhaustion. For a friendly and trusting atmosphere at the checkout counter, faces must be easily perceived. Glare-free illumination with as few shadows as possible shows facial expressions to their best advantage. If displays are also used at the checkout counter, country-specific DIN standards must be considered, such as optimum glare control for light sources or reduced reflected glare on the display and keyboard.

Products for checkout area lighting






semi-recessed / surface / suspended

BO 32 / 45 / 55



suspended MOVE IT 25

In the spotlight

BO not only promises a beautiful appearance, but is also suitable for a wide range of applications. From precise product lighting in flagship stores to artistic, punctual lighting accents, BO focuses attention where it is desired. To ensure that objects are always presented in the best possible light, BO changes with every requirement. The spotlights have different beam angles for different object sizes and distances. In addition, BO can be rotated by at least 350° and tilted by 90°: In this way, it reacts uncomplicatedly to new shop layouts - flexibly and effectively.

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Light quality for fashion

Product-specific lighting qualities encourage purchasing decisions and raise the store's quality to a new level. Different collections require different light qualities. Read more about how our special LED modules for fashion, in addition to XPECTRUM LEDs, stage the products in a sales-promoting manner and how flexibly store operators can best adjust the light colour to the respective application.

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