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Jobs long ago stopped conforming to the classic "nine-to-five" model. Jobs are becoming more digital, complex, and diverse. Companies are realising that employee creativity and engagement are their greatest assets. In addition, the workplace is increasingly expanding onto the road and into the home office. That is why it is more important than ever to have open, meaningful spatial concepts that combine work and life.

For over three quarters of all employees, well-being at work is a key motivator. Where people enjoy going to the office, feel a sense of belonging, and can work with concentration their performance and health improve in the long term. Modern office environments must therefore recognise the needs of their employees and place them at the centre.

Light as a central satisfaction factor

The right lighting adapts flexibly to its application. Individual workplaces with daylight require different office lighting than the often-windowless meeting rooms or access zones such as corridors and entrance areas. LED office lighting also acts as a design element in modern open offices to visually separate work zones such as desk areas, conference tables, and creative booths. The solution offers holistic office lighting planning with varying lighting scenarios.

Using smart-sensor technology, the office lighting can be adjusted to natural daylight or switched off at unoccupied workplaces. Dynamic LED office lighting solutions increase well-being and deliver improved long-term job satisfaction.

Efficient office lighting

The figures speak for themselves: Over 75 percent of office lighting is outdated. The energy-saving potential in office buildings is huge. In addition to reducing operating costs, increasing productivity and creating a "feel-good atmosphere" at the workplace through good lighting is also a major issue.

High-quality lighting solutions contribute to improved visual comfort and well-being at the workplace. In conjunction with intelligent lighting control, the luminaires create a pleasant atmosphere and save energy. Integrated sensor technology controls the light according to daylight incidence or movement and adjusts illuminance and light colour according to the ambient factors.

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Office Bain

Office planning example

In this open-plan office with 24 workstations, 12 fluorescent profile luminaires were replaced with 6 BETO LED luminaires. The glare-free luminaires not only save 48 percent energy, but can also save an additional 15 percent when controlled, allowing the lighting to be adapted to the needs of the room.

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Efficient luminaires for the office


free standing


ceiling / suspended system


free standing


suspended system

Sensor-controlled office lighting for New Work

Grandstands of the horse-racing track

Read more about the New Work concept and the options modern, sensor-controlled office lighting offers for improved comfort at the workplace.

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Luminaires for office lighting

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Inspirations for optimal office lighting

Be it individual or open-plan offices, meeting rooms, reception or entrance areas – office buildings are versatile, yet require homogeneous lighting concepts. Get an overview of our current office lighting projects and discover exciting project inspirations for your next office proposals.

Exciting topics for modern office lighting concepts

Light in harmony with the inner clock

Dynamic office lighting concepts imitate the course of natural daylight. The gradual change in colour temperature and brightness supports people's circadian rhythms, improving well-being, performance, and sleep quality.

Sensor-controlled light dramaturgy

Lighting is completely automatic in WIKUS's corporate building. Thanks to a fine-meshed grid of sensors, each light source reacts individually and automatically to movement, weather, and time of day. The result is great office lighting and energy savings.

Silent power

Silence is a basic human need. Good acoustic planning is needed to fulfil this even in an open-plan office. This lowers the noise level, optimising speech intelligibility, which in turn reduces distractions and stress.

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Vibrant working and living space

Landau + Kindelbacher Architekten have implemented a new office concept across 2,500 square metres in a central location in Munich for h&z, an international management consultancy. Interior designer Christine Sellmeijer provides insight into the project's vision and explains the role lighting plays.

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