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Shopping is far more than a means to an end, it is an emotional event. For years, shops around the world have been changing to offer their customers experiences, not just products. The more inspiring the environment and the more comfortable people feel in stores, the higher their willingness to buy and the more positive their association with the respective retailer or brand. A beautiful, atmospheric ambience is therefore both an aesthetic goal and an essential economic factor.

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Lasting experience

Light contributes significantly to this atmospheric experience. The right lighting fulfils multiple functions. It aids orientation and helps customers visually and intuitively navigate the sales floor. Deliberately chosen lighting accents attractively display goods, emphasise individual product ranges, and evoke sensual associations with the products. From flattering lighting in the fitting room to specific lighting solutions for exclusive culinary establishments, light is decisive for whether customers choose to buy. The more detailed the concept, the more memorable the experience.

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Efficient shop lighting

At 46 percent, lighting is the highest energy cost item in the non-food sector (source: EHI/Klimakongress). The need for highly efficient lighting solutions is therefore increasing. Shops that already rely on LED lighting are once again faced with the task of upgrading first-generation LEDs due to modernisation cycles. Innovative lighting control and energy monitoring can create an atmosphere while also saving energy. To realise this, new lighting design concepts are often required.

Reduce the number of luminaires, use light only where it is needed, and reduce output at low-frequency times. However, high-quality lighting solutions are required to ensure that this does not happen at the expense of light quality. The SLR (Single Lighting Regulation) is currently working on an energy-efficient assessment of higher colour rendering. Higher colour rendering enables the human eye to see better. This means that by increasing the colour rendering from Ra>80 to Ra>90, for example, the illuminance can be reduced by 6 percent to achieve the same visual performance. Higher colour rendering is therefore a building block for saving energy.

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Kastner & Öhler AG, Kaufhaus Tyrol

Retail planning example

In this fashion store, old-generation spotlights were replaced with VARO 80 LEDs on the shop floor and panel lights in the changing rooms. The retrofit can save at least 45 percent energy. If the light output is reduced at low-frequency times, an additional 30 percent can be saved.

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Efficient luminaires for shops

Emotionally lit retail spaces

Find out more about Modehaus Feucht’s lighting scenes which subconsciously guides customers and offers a unique experience.

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Luminaires for shop lighting

BO 55 / 70



wallwasher track


wallwasher recessed

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Inspirations for shop lighting

Offering inspiring shopping experiences through light is critical in retail. Experience perfect shop lighting below.

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Accent lighting in the store

In brand stores, special emphasis is placed on product presentation. Used consciously, accent lighting can sharpen a brand's corporate identity and make its attributes tangible in the flagship store. This ambience of luxury and exclusivity is created by a successful interplay of architecture, furniture, and lighting. Accent and background are deliberately balanced for that special shopping experience.

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Key Account Management for retail customers

It is our daily ambition to offer our retail customers the best possible and most comprehensive service. Your needs are the focus of both our internal and external efforts. We take care of any concerns and are committed to realising your individual wishes for your salesrooms.

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A unique experience

Feucht Mode, Innsbruck

Emotions are evoked by light. Warm, cold, inviting, sober; the range is wide, the game – depending on the project – always different. In retail it is particularly important to craft emotionally illuminated sales areas that create a feel-good atmosphere for the customer. That was also this project’s clear goal.

Retail Lighting

New shopping experience

Shopping is an emotional event. For years, stores around the world have been evolving to offer customers experiences beyond just the products. The more inspiring the environment and the more comfortable people feel, the higher their willingness to buy. Light decides whether customers complete a purchase. Learn more about perfect staging for different stores and areas as well as concrete project examples and lighting concepts – for unforgettable shopping experiences.

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