Shop window lighting

Signalling effect through light displays

The shop window is the stage of a store. Passers-by become customers when a storefront catches their eye. The more effectively and dynamically displays and showcases are illuminated, the greater the likelihood that customers will step into a store. The eye prefers to follow visual dramaturgy that is not immediately transparent: such as the alternation of light and dark or an increased depth of space through differently highlighted areas in the shop window. Using both horizontal and vertical lighting fixtures creates this play of light.

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Accentuate and present

The targeted highlighting of individual, representative goods as a foretaste of the range in the shop is equally important. The necessary flexibility for ever-changing shop window decoration is helped by the MOVE IT magnetic track system with its multitude of rotatable and tiltable spotlights. Luminaires with a narrower beam angle are used to precisely illuminate and accentuate objects. In addition, luminaires with a wider beam can highlight back walls and further decorative elements of the shop window if desired. However, one should ensure that these are not accentuated more than the goods in the display. Sensor-controlled light management systems regulate the brightness in a time-controlled manner or according to the incidence of daylight. As a result, they create an attractive display around the clock and reduce long-term energy consumption.

Products for shop window lighting


semi-recessed / surface


round recessed 1 lamp
New Version


surface / suspended system


semi-recessed / surface / suspended

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