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Why residential lighting is not trivial

How does a room really come into its own? Architect duo YODEZEEN describes lighting as "the brightest and most beautiful element of interior design". Light creates atmosphere, determines how we see, and has a direct impact on our mood. It also characterises our personal style. All the more important is the freedom to design an expressive home lighting design concept. Complementing trends, such as track lighting, new technologies are conquering residential lighting. Dynamic light sequences alternating between cool and warm white adapt to our everyday world just as fluently as sensor-controlled luminaires. The focus is on atmosphere, comfort, and energy efficiency.

Wohnhaus M.

"Lighting is about necessity; aiming to craft the atmosphere and hue of the space."


Zonal lighting as a design element

"Luminaires should accentuate details and soften a space." YODEZEEN are also increasingly focusing on zonal lighting design and light islands. Optical spotlights, two-dimensional light, and delicate gradations are used for this. Uniform room lighting is every bit as important as exciting points of light. Above all, the visual tasks determine the home lighting design. Modern residential kitchens need great working light and a feel-good ambience; in the bedroom, people relax as well as select their clothes. Its attitude to people is critical for pleasant and functional light. "Because we're talking about places where you can relax and be in the moment."

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Experiencing residential lighting

Wander with us through the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Take in our lighting solutions.

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Luminaires for home lighting

ARY cable suspended MOVE IT 25;ARY cable suspended MOVE IT 25 S

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Inspirations for residential lighting

Feel at home when you get home. See how pleasant and functional light harmonises perfectly in different living spaces.

Private Apartment Engelsen
Private Apartment Visualisation

Fascinating topics for home lighting

Light colours over the course of the day
Dynamic lighting concepts that respect the human biorhythm through changing light colours promote concentration, mood, and sleep quality.

Smart Lighting
From presence detectors to daylight control, sensor-controlled luminaires regulate their light output as required, saving energy in the long term.

Eye-friendly lighting
XAL’s full-spectrum LEDs have had their blue component deliberately reduced. This delivers a spectrum like daylight which has an activating effect while protecting the eyes. 

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Lighting with elegance

Gartner Interiors Graz, Österreich

Licht ist ein entscheidender Faktor bei der Gestaltung von Wohnräumen. Es beeinflusst die Atmosphäre, unsere Stimmung und unseren individuellen Stil. Mit unseren neuen Beleuchtungslösungen und Tipps unterstützen wir Sie dabei, dass das Licht und das Interior eine harmonische Einheit bilden und die Beleuchtung sowohl Ihre funktionalen als auch ästhetischen Anforderungen erfüllt. Letztendlich trägt die richtige Beleuchtung dazu bei, dass Wohnräume zu einem Ort der Erholung und des Wohlbefindens werden.

Showroom Gartner Interiors
Showroom Gartner Interiors
Showroom Gartner Interiors

Living space with living feeling

Light has a unique effect on atmosphere and the feeling of space. For architect Michael Karasek of Baukooperative, it was important to use light to accentuate the space and create places and areas where you can lean back, simply be.

What role does light play within your own four walls

We asked architect duo Artur Sharf and Artem Zverev from YODEZEEN what is particularly important, as well as about the current trends in home lighting design.

Are there any current trends in residential lighting?

Artur Sharf: Ten years ago, we were still doing "naked" ceilings with surface-mounted luminaires. Now we're setting a trend with light tracks – we love them for their flexibility, convenience, and creative freedom.

Which room is your favourite and why?

Artur Sharf: Our favourite room is the one for experiments. But the most important in design is still the primary area, from the entrance to the guest toilet. This is where you first meet the client and draft the design.

Which style element should not be missing from your home?

Artem Zverev: Well, professional embedding. Underlying every element you call "stylish" is something essential: the right architecture. If the planning is coherent, the design also comes into its own.

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