Dining room lighting

Eyecatcher with multifaceted spatial effect

The dining table led light gives the table the aesthetic cherry-on-top. Since dining tables in living rooms usually have several functions, the dining table LED lights must be up to the task. Modern dining table lighting provides the right light for sharing a meal, for games evenings, craft sessions with children, and social gatherings. By keeping the entire table surface well-lit and brighter than the surroundings, people sitting around the table step backwards into scattered light. This reinforces a sense of confidence and comfort. To keep a clear view of the person opposite, there should be a gap of 60-70cm between the luminaire and the tabletop. Dimmable suspended luminaires are ideal dining room LED lights, centred, or – for oblong tables – arranged in a row.

The right light colour is decisive

Alternatively, direct ceiling luminaires or recessed spotlights deliberately above the dining table – or combine both lighting options to craft exciting light entirely as needed. The higher the colour rendering value for dining table LED lighting – CRI90 is ideal – the more appetising food looks, and the more natural human skin tones appear. Dimmable LED luminaires with warm-white light (in the spectrum between 2200 and 2700K) enhance the relaxing ambience and can be easily regulated for any occasion.

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semi-recessed / surface / suspended

Transforming jewel


An atmospheric appearance, with great freedom of movement. The freely arrangeable dining table light ARY is decorative and flexible. Rings mounted on the ceiling allow it to be repositioned at will. ARY remains mobile and its brilliant, almost colour-fast light is incredible. ARY is fantastic both as a classic suspended luminaire and in its rotating and swivelling rod version. With variable shades, ARY rounds off the architecture of your living space. The option to dynamically adjust the light colour makes the design eye-catcher the perfect complement for cosy evenings with friends or that special dinner-for-two.

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