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Your guide to good light

Lighting for educational institutions

Learning more effectively with the right light

Light greatly influences well-being and concentration. Lighting at universities, schools, and kindergartens makes a significant contribution to how well students, pupils, and kindergarten children can find their way around and focus at educational institutions. Lighting needs to remain flexible to cater to a wide range of new teaching formats. In lecture halls and classrooms, excellent, reflection-free vision is a top priority, while reduced-glare and balanced brightness protect the eyes from fatigue. Luminaires should create a pleasant ambience in libraries and cafeterias in schools. Additionally, they play a representative role in the assembly hall or outdoors. 

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Shop lighting

Retail experience areas

Shopping is far more than a means to an end, it is an emotional event. For years, shops around the world have been changing to offer their customers experiences, not just products. The more inspiring the environment and the more comfortable people feel in stores, the higher their willingness to buy and the more positive their association with the respective retailer or brand. A beautiful, atmospheric ambience is therefore both an aesthetic goal and an essential economic factor.

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Home lighting

Why residential lighting is not trivial

Light creates atmosphere, determines how we see, and has a direct impact on our mood. It also characterises our personal style. All the more important is the freedom to design an expressive home lighting design concept. Complementing trends, such as track lighting, new technologies are conquering residential lighting. Dynamic light sequences alternating between cool and warm white adapt to our everyday world just as fluently as sensor-controlled luminaires. The focus is on atmosphere, comfort, and energy efficiency.

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Lighting for healthcare facilities

Lighting for recovery

The extent to which light conditions and the human organism are connected is only gradually being explored. One thing is certain: Light is a significant health factor. Lighting in the healthcare sector fulfils a wide range of functions. To ensure the best possible treatment quality and reliable diagnostics, a wide range of standard specifications must be complied with. However, it is always important to focus on the needs of the individual to optimise treatment outcomes. Hospital lighting should be functional while creating a pleasant sense of space.

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Office lighting

The modern office lighting

Jobs long ago stopped conforming to the classic "nine-to-five" model. Jobs are becoming more digital, complex, and diverse. Companies are realising that employee creativity and engagement are their greatest assets. In addition, the workplace is increasingly expanding onto the road and into the home office. That is why it is more important than ever to have open, meaningful spatial concepts that combine work and life.

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Lighting for museums, galleries, and exhibitions

Effective exhibition lighting

An exhibition's light is shaped by the artistic and curatorial concept. By best supporting this with lighting technology, museum lighting makes works of art and exhibits appear even more impactful in the room. Top coordination of basic and accent lighting is essential for this. Diffuse room lighting provides orientation, while selected points of light on objects or in showcases direct the viewer's gaze. The aim is to create lighting solutions whose appealing aesthetics match their efficiency and that provide the perfect stage for the works of art.

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Lighting solutions for hotels & hospitality

Lighting in hotels and restaurants plays a decisive role in whether guests feel comfortable, and whether they return. It is about much more than fulfilling basic needs: The key is to create as unforgettable an overall experience as possible. As a premium manufacturer of modern, high-quality lighting solutions, our goal is to best combine functionality and design. We offer lighting for restaurants, bars, and hotels that remains in the background and yet creates optimal lighting moods, or, where desired, can decoratively move into the foreground.

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Light for restaurants, bars and coffee shops


The restaurant and bar are a hotel's culinary soul and can offer unique moments of pleasure. How comfortable guests feel, whether they would want to return, or recommend the location to others, is significantly influenced by the restaurant's lighting.


Time and space lose all meaning in a hotel bar with a good atmosphere. Hotel guests love to end the day at the bar or start their stay with an aperitif. The bar lighting should create the right ambience at any time of day.


The coffee shop is a second living room for many, be it for meeting friends or reading a book. With the development of location-independent work models, it is also increasingly replacing the (home) office; working on a laptop in a coffee shop is no longer rare.