Sports hall lighting

What light must achieve in competitions

A wide range of activities takes place in sports halls from football tournaments to gymnastics lessons. The lighting should, therefore, be appropriate for most sports and games while meeting important safety standards. Lighting design is based on the type of sport that has the most demanding visual task. Different regulations apply to sports hall lighting depending on whether the hall is used for school sports or for competitive club sports. EN 12464-1 stipulates a light intensity of at least 300 lux with a uniformity of 0.6 for normal use. The values are higher for competitions.

Wide-area luminaires or profile luminaires are powerful and well suited for homogeneous illumination. In either case, highly efficient luminaires with a neutral white light colour are advisable. A key requirement for lighting in sports halls are shockresistant and ball-proof luminaires that do not break when struck by a ball. Because players look upwards in many sports, the luminaires must also be highly glare-free (min. UGR < 22). Separate lighting control of individual areas is needed in very large halls. It makes it possible to create appropriate lighting scenes for different sports, events, or competitions or to switch off certain areas, e.g. where only parts of triple or multi-purpose halls are used.

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Shockproof and ball impact-resistant luminaires

Use daylight

Good basic lighting with neutral white colours

Visual comfort

Good glare control UGR < 22

Flexible lighting

Separately controllable light scenes

Inspirations for sports hall lighting

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Products for sports hall lighting


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trim offset system
MINO 100 HIGH LUMEN suspended;MINO 100 MID LUMEN suspended


customised luminaire

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