Lighting for kindergartens and day care centers 

Light that creates trust

The kindergarten is one of the first places young children explore and learn new things. It is, therefore, particularly important that the environment conveys an atmosphere of trust. Balanced lighting makes a significant contribution to this. Indirect light and the use of incidental daylight create a pleasant atmosphere. With the aid of brightness sensors, the light intensity and colour temperature of the artificial light can be dynamically adjusted to suit daylight. This saves energy, and the natural lighting conditions make it easier for children to feel comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. Kindergarten lighting should also meet various requirements. 

The EN 12464-1 standard stipulates light intensity of at least 300 lux where people play, sing, do handicrafts, or draw. The luminaires should be glare-free, with UGR < 19 or UGR < 22 depending on the visual task requirements. The aim is to create visual comfort and to respond flexibly to the needs of children. With the right lighting management system, different lighting scenes can be programmed and changed according to the occasion. In this way, lighting can be used to create differentiated zones even in a large, multifunctional room. This grants the children an intuitive sense of orientation. A friendly, warm white light colour increases the sense of well-being and gives children a feeling of security and comfort. The design of the luminaires can contribute to this. A lighting concept for kindergartens and nurseries dispenses with technical appeal and instead focuses on soft, open forms.

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Creating a feel-good atmosphere

Balanced direct and indirect lighting

Creating lighting zones

Separately controllable light scenes

Creating well-being

Friendly, warm light colours

Use daylight

Daylight and presence detection sensors

Safety while running wild

Ball impact-resistant luminaires with a higher protection class

Inspirations for kindergarten and day care center lighting

Kindergarten Lengnau

Products for kindergarten and day care center lighting

SPADO 100 / 150

round recessed


round ceiling








ceiling single + group


circle suspended
New Version


trim system
New Version


ceiling / suspended system

A second home

Kindergarten Schluderns

The idea behind the design of the kindergarten was to give the architecture the iconographic form of a house, thus creating a friendly and familiar environment for children. The façade’s prominent windows of varying sizes and staggered arrangement are reminiscent of an oversized child's drawing.

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