FRAME 60 trim system


trim system


3000 K, 4000 K, TW
CRI ≥ 80, CRI ≥ 90 / 3 SDCM
up to 2760 lm/m
up to 125 lm/W
L90 / 50 000 h
DALI-2, non DIM
opal, microprismatic (UGR ≤ 19)


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    Luminaire housing made of extruded aluminium; recessed luminaire with trim; designed for continuous lighting systems; suitable for ceiling thickness of 8-25 mm; surface powder coated; luminaire profile for mounting available in advance; remaining luminaire components mounted without tools; light inset consisting of highly reflective coated extruded profile for improved thermal management; option: lighting module is versatile in length; HPO (High Performance Opal) cover for uniform illumination; micro prismatic PMMA diffuser incl. diffuser film for homogeneous illumination and reduced luminance; wallwasher light inset; energy-efficient LEDs with very good colour rendering

    DiiA® standards 251, 252, 253

    wallwasher inset

    concrete installation housing

    flexible inset

    microprismatic UGR ≤ 19

    tunable white 2700 – 6500 K

    CRI ≥ 98 XPECTRUM (optional)

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