Coffee shop lighting 

Feeling comfortable in the second living room

Aesthetic and atmospheric lighting is also part of the overall concept and must match the coffee shop’s interior. Light sources can either act as design elements in their own right, or they can blend completely into the background. The focus of coffee shop lighting is always the quality of the room and the guests’ well-being.

Promote communication

Baked goods such as croissants appear particularly fresh and crisp at 2300 K, which is why the sales counter is often illuminated separately. Here, the focus is also on appropriate work light, so that employees have optimal light when returning change. Initial contact with guests also takes place here: Pendant luminaires mounted at the right height show faces clearly and promote communication.

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Warm colour temperatures

Combinations of indirect general lighting (e.g. wall luminaires) with table luminaires are ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere in a café while providing adequate working and reading light. Warm colour temperatures below 2700 to 3000 K create a cosy atmosphere.

Products for coffee shop lighting




square recessed 1 lamp


semi-recessed / surface / suspended