Lighting for the lecture hall and auditorium 

Flexible light for mental agility

Lecture halls are central to education and discourse. Successful lighting creates optimal conditions for teaching and presentations by providing good visibility, focussing attention on the plenary and supporting various teaching formats. New, teaching methods at universities and technical colleges that use technology place additional demands on lighting design. Architecturally, many lecture halls are designed so that they can be completely darkened for projector presentations. As a result, artificial lighting must perform all the more. Dynamic lighting control and pre-programmed light scenes are indispensable to create the best working lighting for variable teaching methods.

Sufficient light intensity (300 - 500 lux) is important around the lectern so that lecturers can be easily seen from any seat. If the blackboard is used, it should be illuminated with the lowest possible reflection. The standard specification in such case is 500 - 750 lux with an increased uniformity of ≥ 0.7. The right lighting solution creates conditions where students can take notes without glaring. This is achieved, for example, by profile luminaires arranged in parallel above the rows of chairs. In addition to homogeneous basic lighting and very good glare control, they ensure a structured and modern appearance. Last but not least, safety in lecture halls plays a role. Entrances and exits, stairs and steps must be lit separately so that students can safely enter and leave even a darkened lecture hall. A forward-looking lighting concept takes into account the numerous scenarios and remains agile – like a curious mind.

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Flexible lighting control

Separately controllable light scenes


Good lighting of stairs and steps

Good visibility from any seat

Uniform basic lighting

Inspirations for lecture hall and auditorium lighting

Products for lecture hall and auditorium lighting

TUBO 100

surface / suspended system
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trim system
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ceiling / suspended system


ceiling / suspended system



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