Outdoor lighting for educational institutions 

Outdoor safety and orientation

The outdoor area of educational institutions is often used as a sport, play, and leisure area. Pupils and students spend their breaks or free periods there, can let off steam, soak up the sun and regenerate their minds. Lighting fulfils two main functions here: safety and orientation. The top priority in outdoor lighting design is the prevention of accidents. Lighting can be used to draw attention to potentially dangerous spots such as steps, obstacles, or garage exits, making them clearly visible even in poor lighting conditions. Steps or depressions are best identified by a glare-free, sufficiently bright light. Contrasts help reveal the obstacle's true dimensions. 

More orientation through the right lighting for schools

Paths, entrances, or property boundaries can be clearly marked with bollard luminaires. Shockresistant and weatherproof surface-mounted wall luminaires are suitable for the building façade. These luminaires also function excellently as signposts on outside staircases. In general, steps and railings can be accentuated by light and thus made even safer. Outdoors, lighting is subject to great stress – especially from the weather. Luminaires should be shockresistant, durable, and impervious to water, insects, and dust. As exterior lighting is also part of the initial visual impression, it should complement the architecture of the building positively. Lighting design is, therefore, about functionality and the overall aesthetic effect.

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Higher protection against water, insects, and dust (min. IP44)


Good lighting of entrances and exits as well as stairs

Good orientation

Glare-free and uniform light

Inspirations for outdoor lighting for schools

Products for outdoor lighting for schools


IP54 surface


IP54 surface









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