Products by application

Living spaces

Light creates atmosphere, determines how we see, and has a direct impact on our mood. This makes the right lighting concept for living spaces all the more important.

Hotel, restaurant & bar

As places to take time out, hotels and restaurants should above all offer a pleasant ambience.


Office lighting must both meet standard specifications and create a pleasant working environment that enhances concentration.

Meeting rooms

One room, many functions: Modern meeting rooms are equipped to serve a variety of purposes, from meetings to presentations.

Entrance hall & lobby

The entrance area is where the first impression of a building is formed, both in terms of the feeling of space and orientation.


Access zone lighting ensures safety and spatial orientation.


Appropriate lighting in stairwells boosts safety. In the event of a fire, the upper floors of a building must be exited via the stairwell. Excellent visibility is crucial here.

Sanitary facilities

Luminaires with a higher degree of protection are required in sanitary facilities and wherever water is involved.

Secondary rooms

Lighting in ancillary rooms such as storerooms, printer rooms, or server rooms is primarily functional.


Light has a significant impact on learning success. Carefully planned classroom lighting has been shown to increase the attention and well-being of students.

Lecture halls

New, technically supported teaching methods and formats at universities and other tertiary education institutions place increased demands on lighting design.


Libraries should create a friendly atmosphere while enabling focused work over many hours.

Sports hall

The most significant role lighting design plays in sports halls is safety. Sufficient protection prevents luminaires from being damaged by ball impacts.


Since kindergartens and day-care centres are often the first unfamiliar environments children find themselves in, they need lighting conditions that inspire trust.


In retail, the focus is on presenting goods attractively. This requires different lighting depending on the product range.


There is hardly any other place where colour fidelity is as crucial as in a museum.

Hospital & nursing home

Circadian light has been shown to promote recovery and regeneration.


XAL's outdoor luminaires bundle a discreet appearance, robust design, and powerful lighting technology for demanding environmental conditions.