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Even the widest product range can sometimes fail to meet a project’s specific requirements. Together with you, we develop bespoke lighting solutions that are tailored to your project’s specific architectural and aesthetic needs. Depending on the order volume, we can implement small adaptations to existing XAL products or even develop completely new innovations.

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Together with you we develop new products for your bespoke requirements. From a certain project size, you can count on our support. Our team of experts will help you to realise your concept from the initial design to commissioning.




Does your project have special colour requirements? Are the dimensions or radii of our standard profile portfolio insufficient for your project? Do you need special control gear or control components for the bespoke implementation of your lighting control? Our high degree of vertical integration enables simple and flexible adaptation of standard products.

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We know that despite our extensive product portfolio some projects have even more stringent requirements. That is why we want to realise customer wishes with you, however unusual. Get in touch with us.

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23 rings in a row

The building "The Hive" is a landmark of Geneva. A spiral staircase, whose steps are in dialogue with the steel railing, traverses the six floors of different heights. Together with the architects CCHE, we combined expertise in creativity, technology and logistics to create a suspension of ring luminaires in the central staircase with a height of 24 metres. A group of 23 INO Circle luminaires was attached to a large central canopy thanks to a customised system of 92 cables. The entire structure is surrounded by a glass construct that lends lightness to this masterful piece.

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Sensors for the workstation

The renovation and renewal of the Tribüne grandstands in Vienna was planned using the Activity Based Working model to provide a modern, activity-oriented work environment. To implement this concept, the BETO floor luminaire was customised and equipped with extended sensors and technology. The sensors measure light intensity, noise level, air quality, temperature and human presence. The information collected through the BETO units is logged in a cloud storage, where it can be retrieved to run automated processes or stored as data for optimisation. The innovation essentially comes down to the large volume of sensors and intelligence that have been integrated, almost invisibly, into a stylish office luminaire, from which the data is completely open to access by the customer's existing systems.

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Oberpollinger Gold

For the conversion of the exclusive Oberpollinger department store in Munich, XAL developed a unique golden tone for both the BO 55 spotlights and the bespoke round track profiles. After a lot of trial-and-error, the custom lacquer tone met the requirements of the architects and clients. A powder coating was deliberately avoided for this exclusive retail experience. The high-quality result is a mixture of hard and soft gold tones with a fine structure, which is still unavailable on the market. Internally, the colour is known as "Oberpollinger Gold". Thanks to the innovative lighting concept, customers experience a unique and exclusive shopping experience.

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Custom-made for sacred building

The challenge was to incorporate modern LED lighting in the cathedral, that at first glance it is invisible, but still contemporary and intelligently controllable. This was made possible by an innovative custom solution by XAL’s Lighting Designers and Smart Services Team.

Two types of luminaires were custom-made. Cylindrical pendant luminaires were developed for the cathedral's central nave. A suspended, ring-shaped track system with a considerable diameter of five metres was designed for the side aisles. Technologically, the lighting solutions are characterised by direct and indirect components that make it possible to create the desired lighting moods for the various liturgical celebrations. For this purpose, a wide variety of lighting situations were programmed which can be operated easily. A total of 600 DALI addresses have been created for the control of the programmed scenarios. Programming and remote maintenance was conducted as comprehensive service by XAL.

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Of sawblades and light lines


A sawblade as inspiration for the architects: The WIKUS company building is modelled on the product. XAL developed a bespoke and highly efficient mounting track system lighting solution. Both the converter and the entire cable routing were accommodated in the track, thus ensuring both comprehensive and aesthetic lighting. From workplace lighting to indirect ceiling illumination, each of the 800 light insets is individually controlled. A finely woven sensor net mounted on the track measure presence and daylight. This makes dimming and switching on and off automated and energy-efficient.

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Athletic performance

Winners deliver top performance. With this luminaire, the XAL designers developed a completely new product, to deliver the lighting design for the Raiffeisen sports hall. The goal was to maximise brightness in the hall. The narrow body of the luminaire allows generous incidence of daylight, complemented by bright LED spots in-between. As a bonus, „Arena“ can also withstand direct hits from balls, etc.

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The chemistry of light

Hexagonal centrepiece: The interior design concept for the healthcare company MSD uses narrow lines and the hexagonal shape of chemical compounds. Light and luminaires should convey this vision. For this, we adapted our only 4cm narrow MINO 40 system according to the architects’ concepts. Specially manufactured bespoke profiles made the hexagonal arrangement of the filaments possible.

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Harmony of contrasts

Smashing boundaries also means combining light and shade. The lighting in the open space of the OTTO headquarters was intended to accentuate its expansive architecture, inter alia through its design lighting. XAL created a custom-made dual solution, which is also a recessed and surface-mounted luminaire. Thus, the realisation of a shadow gap succeeded, together with a profile embedded in the ceiling.

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