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Our services

As a full-service lighting provider for modern lighting systems, acoustic lighting and energy efficiency, we combine our expertise to offer you the best services. Our clearly defined goal is to increase your energy efficiency - this is the only way we can create long-lasting, sustainable and aesthetic lighting solutions together. Our service support begins with expert advice, including project planning, and covers the selection of the right control system as well as the possible use of efficient LED technology and optimum acoustic lighting.

A large number of XAL luminaires are also equipped with intelligent brightness and movement sensors that enable efficient control of lighting and energy consumption. We also work with the intelligent BIM planning software, provide data for PCon and are at your side from the very first step with the practical online lighting calculator. The results are well thought-out, needs-oriented lighting solutions that create space for well-being and inspiration.

Your full-service lighting provider

Smart Services

Modern lighting systems are multi-talented. This makes the right lighting management system all the more important. Our smart services experts will help you make the most of a controllable lighting system – whether you want to reduce your energy consumption or create a healthy room atmosphere. We are your all-round lighting supplier, from the selection of luminaires and the appropriate control system to commissioning and maintenance.

Smart Services

Reduce energy costs, increase efficiency

LED conversion

Due to the rise in energy costs and since the final phase-out of linear fluorescent lamps, a closer look at existing lighting solutions is essential. Converting to LED technology is an ideal way to save energy in the long term. Using special conversion kits, we offer a service to replace old light sources quickly and easily with highly efficient LEDs.

LED conversion

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Energy-efficient into the future

Saving energy with sustainable lighting solutions

Sustainability in the field of lighting does not just mean efficiency, a long service life, and high lighting quality. We show you which factors need to be considered to positively influence energy consumption during the utilisation phase. Using concrete planning examples with control concepts and completed conversion projects, you will learn everything you need to know for planning your energy-efficient projects in a clear and compact way. Together, we will create a sustainable future.

Saving energy

Planning Tools


BIM, the digital twin, has reached the lighting industry. Revit, a multidisciplinary BIM software for higher quality, coordinated designs is holding a first-place since years. Therefore, when it comes to our BIM software of choice, we looked no further.

pCon Solutions

pCon is a planning and visualisation tool that offers 3D product configurations, spatial planning, comprehensive product information, and even quotation preparation. Selected XAL luminaire series are now available on pCon. Subscribe to XAL's product catalogue now via your pCon account.

Customised luminaires

XCS Customised Solutions

Even the most comprehensive range of products can sometimes fail to fulfil all the individual requirements of a specific project. We work with you to design customised lighting solutions that are perfectly tailored to the unique architectural and aesthetic needs of your project. Depending on the size of the project, we can make small adjustments to existing XAL products, or even develop completely new products.

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Precise calculation

Lighting calculator

Select the correct article number for your desired product. You can then enter room data and lighting values and have the calculations performed. Finally, the customised calculation result can be easily saved or printed out for your individual lighting requirements.

Lighting calculator

Light & acoustics

EANS Flight Control Centre

Acoustic lighting

XAL's goal is to craft spaces where people feel relaxed, safe, and productive. To this end, we have developed a product portfolio in which lighting and room acoustics interact harmoniously. Acoustic lighting creates optimal lighting conditions and a balanced acoustic environment that enhances concentration, promotes social interaction, and creates an all-round sense of well-being.

Acoustic planning

How does sound behave in a space? We calculate, measure, or simulate the behaviour of sound in a space before beginning the acoustic spatial planning. We create a bespoke concept for acoustic optimisation from these results. Our acoustic planners work closely with the lighting planning team, the commissioning planner, and the customer. In this way, we can achieve the best balance between light, ambience, and spatial acoustic conditions.

Acoustic colours

Colours have a decisive influence on the effect of rooms and buildings. Their role is to support and complete an architectural vision, which is why our acoustic solutions come in a wide range of colours. In order to offer our customers the maximum possible design freedom, a large number of our products can be ordered in our extended colours range.

Let's get colourful

Special colours

Colours have a decisive influence on the effect of rooms and buildings. Their task is to complement and round off an architectural vision. That is why we offer a vibrant colour selection to deliver the highest possible creative freedom to adapt to your design. XAL's most popular product families come in discreet classic colours, intense trend colours, and the special gold and bronze jewellery tones.

Special colours

JANE Concept Room

In the JANE Concept Room you can experience the Light Jungle. Here you will find a wide range of inspiration for the various design possibilities of JANE, both in 3D view and in the practical download function. Join JANE on its journey and embark on the adventure of light.

UNICO Configurator

XAL facilitates the planning freedom you have gained with UNICO with the help of a user-friendly configurator. Create customised lighting concepts by flexibly assembling an individual UNICO luminaire according to your ideas.

Healthy light spectrum


XAL's new daylight-like full-spectrum LEDs deliver healthy, biologically effective light. The natural daylight spectrum is achieved by reducing the blue light component and increasing the cyan values. This minimises blue light's risk to the eye and sets it at a level similar to daylight. The resulting non-visual, the so-called melanopic light effect, affects numerous bodily functions and is thus partly responsible for better sleep, increased concentration, and well-being.



We have compiled compact and easy-to-understand information about light for you in our carefully designed knowledge database. The articles offer you a solid foundation in lighting technology, and provide you with practical expertise for professional lighting design. Immerse yourself in the world of light and let our articles inspire you to enrich your lighting projects with sound knowledge and creative ideas.

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