Dynamic light for improved well-being

Dynamic lighting in harmony with the inner clock

Light is closely related to the human biorhythm. It affects mood, focus, and sleep quality. Dynamic lighting concepts are used to adapt the indoor lighting characteristics to the natural outdoor conditions. This stops the inner clock, which sets sleep and wake cycles, from getting confused. Especially in the dark season, biodynamic light demonstrably increases well-being in the office area, where people often work late into the evening, as well as in restaurants, or in their own homes.

How the body reacts to light colours

In the morning, cold white light promotes the release of cortisol, thus providing an activating and concentration-enhancing effect. Warm white light in the evening hours stimulates the production of melatonin, which makes us relax and feel tired, in line with the body's natural biological processes. This effect can also be tapped in waiting rooms and doctors' surgeries, for example, to counteract nervousness and create an atmosphere of calm and comfort. The biological effect of lighting is stronger the more light hits the eye.

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Biologically effective dynamic lighting design

A combination of direct and indirect light is ideal, e.g., from suspended luminaires that also radiate to the ceiling. Tunable White luminaires make it easy to implement dynamic lighting concepts. These luminaires can vary their light colour temperature between 3000K and 6500K. Programmed sequences set different light colours to various times, according to the natural development of daylight. Smart Lighting can also control the intensity with which the lighting adapts to the natural incidence of daylight. Bring people and buildings into harmony with biologically effective dynamic lighting design.

Products for lighting with dynamic light


adjustable flush square recessed


basic recessed






suspended system


trimless system


ceiling / suspended system


free standing


free standing



Healthy light that is easy on the eyes

Fullspectrum LED

XAL’s new XPECTRUM LEDs deliver healthy, biologically eff ective light. The reduced blue light and increased cyan values reduce the blue light hazard for the eye to daylight-equivalent levels. The resulting non-visual, so-called melanopic light eff ect, improves concentration and increases sleep quality. The excellent colour rendering of IES TM 30-15 Rf = 98 and Rg = 101 further helps visual comfort.

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Natural dynamic lighting atmosphere in the Givaudan atrium

Daylight becomes the perfect sparring partner at the Givaudan Innovation Center in Zurich. The open, three-storey atrium harnesses the incidence of natural light which, together with Tunable White luminaires, bathes it in a pleasant atmosphere. The Innovation Center thus becomes a place of regeneration and identity for staff and visitors, always changeable and in harmony with natural light.

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