Open office lighting

Professional light management

Modern work environments are increasingly tending towards wide-open spaces. The boundaries between individual workplace, workgroup, and meeting room are in flux. A differentiated lighting concept is needed to ensure flexible use without affecting concentration or communication negatively. This structures surfaces and visually divides them into zones, through the right combination of direct and indirect light, for example. Surface-mounted or suspended luminaires create basic brightness. Targetable spotlights or downlights deliver visual structure and set accents. Staff should also be able to adjust the brightness at will using table or free-standing luminaires at their workplaces.

Improved workplace well-being

In the office area, professional, sensor-controlled lighting management guarantees lighting in line with requirements and saves energy costs. Luminaires in open offices use smart-sensor technology to dim or even deactivate at unoccupied workplaces, depending on the amount of natural daylight. Modern lighting systems adapt brightness, colour temperature, and light distribution to the natural lighting conditions in outdoor areas. These dynamic concepts, coordinated with our inner clock, boost productivity and well-being.

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Inspirations for the lighting of open-plan offices

Products for open-plan office lighting

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New Version


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suspended system




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free standing


surface / suspended system

The sound of stressless work


Demand for a quiet working environment is great, especially in open offices. However, this is often ignored in lighting design and spatial acoustic measures are only implemented half-heartedly. We developed MUSE to effectively optimise acoustic lighting while presenting itself as a conscious design element. Its straightforward design language and attractive surface make it integral to interior design while delivering ideal spatial acoustic lighting. For improved concentration and well-being even in open offices.

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From the classic to the creative office

The tobacco factory in Linz

Utopias need space – and the right lighting. The GRAND GARAGE® innovation hub in Linz is a showcase project for modern, creative working environments. A revitalised tobacco factory, soon to be 100 years old, it has been transformed into a workspace that combines three different creative zones: offices, workshops, and open offices. This was all achieved thanks to just one flexibly expandable luminaire that respects the historic building's DNA.

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