Comfort through light

Homely living space

Light has a unique effect on atmosphere and sense of space. In the case of a residential building in Lower Austria, it was critical for Michael Karasek from Baukooperative, considering the large building volume, to radiate cosiness and security. He promoted this with the light, accentuating the space and creating places and areas where one can lean back and simply be.

Fused with nature

The residence’s amazing location is unique. All involved demanded the building be integrated into the environment as harmoniously as possible, to connect the residential house with nature. If one looks inside, one finds details on every corner of the 2600m² living space; these all need special design attention.

Create views and insights

The continuously elevated wooden roof truss on steel supports was designed to create a glass joint between the ground and upper floors. This was the only way to craft stunning views and insights and to capture natural light. The natural stone walls in the swimming pool area serve as a connection between the interior and exterior spaces.

Natural and artificial light sources

As the client is a visual artist with a soft spot for shapes and colours, it was important to pay attention and care to the natural and artificial light in the planning. The reduced design, beautiful luminaire design language, and excellent and clear product portfolio all scored points during the selection of the luminaire manufacturer.

Bright and open versus dark and snug

The light and open ground floor was built as a solid construction in the colour of the lime plaster. The upper floor is a lightweight construction (steel and wood), but the colours and materials chosen are dark and cosy. The same is true for the lighting: on the ground floor, selective artificial light sources were used on the ceiling in the form of JUST and BO spotlights set in groups. These spotlights accentuate paintings or expressive material surfaces and MOVE IT tracks highlight passageways. On the upper floor, the lighting concept is characterised by MINO’s indirect light, characterful object luminaires and dimmed luminaires.

"The entire interior planning from light fixtures to upholstery was a great pleasure to realise, from initial concept to finished product. I describe the result as perfectly imperfect. It's very special and will certainly stay with me and influence me throughout my life."

DI Michael Karasek, Baukooperative GmbH

Flash light

Light and shadow; without shadow there is no light. The interplay between light and dark areas, the highlighting of contrasts. This creates atmosphere in the room, this mood, when this is transferred to the people who live in it – then the room is special.

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DI Michael Karasek, Architect, Baukooperative GmbH
DI Michael Karasek, Architect, Baukooperative GmbH



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surface / suspended system
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ceiling / suspended system
Photographer: Schreyer David
Lighting Design: Baukooperative GmbH