Feucht Mode

Spirit of the mountains

The Alps' powerful charisma is undeniable. At Feucht in Innsbruck, the spirit of the mountains continues indoors. The daylight-flooded atrium, together with sustainable materials such as wood, rubber, and eco-stone, creates an inviting atmosphere for customers to linger.

Guided by highlight zones

The blocher partners’ architects, together with lighting designer Andreas Haidegger, have created light scenes that generate heights and depths. The building's size and levels posed both an attraction and a challenge. After all, the sales area is over 11,000 square metres. In a retail context, light is always a great tool to subconsciously guide the customer. That is why we have optimised the individual highlight zones’ illumination, guiding customers from one hotspot to the next.

A unique experience

The successfully created storyline runs uninterruptedly throughout the entire building. The unique experience permeates each level. No area seems disconnected, everything is interwoven – be it through thematic connections, or through powerful visual references.

The challenge of daylight

A particular challenge was to optimise the transition from the daylight-flooded atrium to the zones without daylight. This has been achieved by using light coves, vertically illuminated surfaces, and special shelf lighting.

Flexible and universal

The track spotlight VARO is ideal for sales areas with regularly changing collections. It comes in three different sizes, and the 80 S version used at Feucht is characterised by a particularly low profile. Thanks to its high degree of rotatability and tiltability, the spotlight can be repositioned at will. This flexibility is supported by tool-free insertion and sliding in the power track. Thanks to its flexibility, precise beam pattern, and good colour rendering (CRI > 90), decorators can stage seasonal highlights without glare.

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Andreas Haidegger

Lighting Designer, Hailight Lichtplanung

Experience is in first place, not just sales. Agility in lighting design will continue to gain importance.

Tina Buchholz

Senior Interior Designer, blocher partners

In retail in particular, it is important to create emotionally illuminated sales areas that craft a feel-good atmosphere for customers. That was also the clear objective for this project.


New Version


IP54 surface system


round recessed 1 lamp
Photographer: Joachim Grothus
Architect: blocher partners
Lighting Design: Hailight Lichtplanung Andreas Haidegger