Accent lighting

Brilliant accents for premium products

In brand stores, special emphasis is placed on product presentation. Customers come to the store to buy goods and to enjoy a special shopping experience. Used consciously, accent lighting can sharpen a brand's corporate identity and make its attributes tangible in the flagship store. This ambience of luxury and exclusivity is created by a successful interplay of architecture, furniture, and lighting.

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Correct staging with light

Accent and background are deliberately balanced for that special shopping experience. The store itself should visually convey calm, while the products are scenically placed in the centre. Accent lighting directs the eye to the intentionally staged products and thus has a significant influence on the purchasing behaviour of customers. 

Precisely aligned, small points of light set highlights and intensify the material effect of goods. Brushed leather, sparkling jewels, or shiny metallic hi-fi equipment can thus be experienced in the greatest detail. Glare-free recessed spots with a narrow beam angle, set into the ceiling, such as the flexible UNICO spotlight, and high illuminance levels of >4000 lux at the product emphasise details and workmanship, which is particularly relevant for jewellery and watches. Gold is best accentuated by warm light, silver by cold light. Exceptionally good colour rendering makes surfaces and materials look as valuable and authentic as possible.

Products for accent lighting in the shop


adjustable flush square recessed


basic recessed

BO 32 / 45 / 55



surface / suspended system

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New innovative retail concept

Golden Goose, Milano

Golden Goose opened its doors on Milan’s Via Verri with a new innovative retail concept for the brand and the fashion world: the Golden TV whose concept kicks off a new phygital path, balancing a high-tech and digital-focused approach with an emotional, human touch. The store presents the latest Ready-to-Wear collections, along with unveiling new product categories and limited-edition sneakers.

Destination Porsche

Porsche Studio, Zurich

The opening of the Porsche Studio in Zurich marked the first-time roll-out of the new retail concept: Destination Porsche. The aim is to evolve established Porsche Centre showrooms into locations to experience the brand and touch the product. The lighting concept makes a significant contribution in facilitating a greater experience of the brand within the Porsche dealer network. More so than ever before, people are the centre of focus. Visitors should have a positive impression and feel for the Porsche brand.