In the spotlight


Decorative accent spotlight

BO conveys the perfect measure of elegance. All the product family's spotlights are characterised by their decorative and unpretentious aesthetics. Thanks to their minimalist design and precisely matched proportions, all BO variants can be combined with each other. The result is lighting quality in perfect harmony.

Accent lighting in retail and living spaces

BO delivers a beautiful appearance and is also perfect for a wide range of applications. From precise product lighting in flagship stores to artistic, punctual lighting accents, BO focuses attention where it is needed. BO remains flexible: Various sizes, different beam angles, straightforward installation and subsequent adjustment of the spotlight ensure that it can master any staging from targeted product presentation to decorative lighting of furniture, art or home accessories in the living area.

Product variety

BO 45 base



semi-recessed / surface

BO 32 / 45 / 55


BO 32 / 45 / 55

intrack 2 | 3 lamps

BO 55 / 70


Large colour palette

The BO product family is available in our standard colours as well as in XAL's extended custom colours. Choose between classic and subtle tones, elegant spot colours, and strong trend colours that capture everyone's attention. This grants the greatest possible freedom of design and allows the luminaires' design to be optimally adapted to the existing interior design. Visit our Special Colours page – we would be delighted to offer advice.

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Simple adaptation

BO adapts to every requirement, ensuring objects are always set in the best possible light. The spotlights have various beam angles for different object sizes and distances. BO can also be rotated by at least 350° and swivelled by 90°, allowing it to adapt easily, flexibly, and effectively to new shop layouts or a converted interior.


Min. 350° rotatable and 90° tiltable

CRI ≥ 95 2-SDCM

Glare reduction thanks to honeycomb louvre

Simple installation

DALI-2 dimmable