Acoustic material

PET fleece

PET fleece is a synthetic felt which, for all XAL products, is produced largely from recycled PET (for example from plastic bottles). The material is inherently very stable and combines highly sound absorbing properties with good surface quality. After use, the fleece can again be recycled very successfully.


During production, fine PET fibres having different melting temperatures are initially mixed together by means of a fan and subsequently needle punched to form soft roll goods, using large rollers. Fibres that do not melt during the process provide the required porosity of the final material and achieve the desired high absorption values. More fusible fibres result in greater strength, fewer fusible fibres in a better absorption. The right mixture is the key to the production, and is precisely matched to the respective field of application.


XAL uses PET fleece of different types: pure sheet material, with an embossed surface pattern, or three-dimensionally deformed. All manufacturing steps take place entirely in Austria.