LIEWOOD Headquarters

Showroom, creative studio and offices


LIEWOOD is a sustainable lifestyle brand who designs and produces products for babies and children. On Blegdamsvej in Copenhagen you’ll find the LIEWOOD Residence, a grand five-floor building that serves as the brand’s new headquarters with everything from showrooms to offices and creative studios.

Reflecting the brand identity

The Anker & Co creative lighting design team developed a solution customised to reflect the LIEWOOD's brand identity, enhances their products in the showroom and emphasises the atmosphere of the company. The vision together with Norm architects was to mirror their “soft minimalism” concept into the design of the lighting.

Feel good environment

The ambition for the lighting in this particular project was to align the founder, Anne Marie, of the brand LIEWOOD and Norm Architects desire for aesthetics and the sense for human simplicity through an inspiring lighting solution, which helps to shape environments that feel just as good as they look.

Creating a feeling of diversity

The lighting team worked with a variation of lighting software scenarios, so one would by intuition feel the change of scenery when moving from the creative space into the showroom and further on into the offices. The change was also made from directional light with JUST spotlights to uniform and indirect light with BETO. The lighting is designed to create a feeling of visual variation when moving around in the building thus to inspire the employees in their everyday use of the space.

Change of scene

This change of scene was reinforced by the colour change of the profiles. Black for the showroom area without daylight and white for the area with daylight. In addition, MOVE IT 25 was perfectly suited to give the client the freedom to adapt the space planning to their future requirements and still comply with the specified norms and standards that are required.

Longtime partnership as successfactor

Every project starts literally with a white canvas at Anker & Co, so for years the XAL collection is the tool to help them to create a unique masterpiece of lighting. For the  founder and CEO Michael Anker, not two projects are alike but each of them has to be perfect. Therefore quality of the fixtures and the lightperformance is essential for him but also the quality of the realtionship with the supplier is essential.

"The most essential to us in our work with lighting design is to capture the spirit of the architect and their client. If you get that right, then you have a direction for the light already."

 Michael Anker


Good lighting solutions creates happy and motivated people. I like the fact that our choice of lighting brands makes a difference and makes people more inspired. Inspiration I get from my family, my friends, nature and not least the four seasons. My ambition is to mirror the shift in the seasonal daylight into the light solutions we provide.

anker & co


Photographer: Kris Dekeijser
Lighting Designer: anker & co
Architect: Norm Architects