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Attractively presented product worlds

Light directs our gaze. In retail, lighting plays a decisive role in determining customers’ buying behaviour by generating atmosphere and contrasting the enormous variety of products in online retail with a focused shop design. Efficient luminaires and focused lighting scenes also structure the sales area and are an economic and ecological factor that reduce electricity use by up to 50 %.

Experience how light influences perception in the retail sector at our XAL trade fair stand and discover the diverse options for designing attractive product worlds with our lighting innovations.

Dusseldorf | 26th February – 02nd March 2023
Hall 9 | Stand C56

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Smarter energy and customer solutions

Experience innovative technology for retail shops live. Our sensor and camera technology counts customers, tracks energy consumption and in-store presence through heat maps for efficient lighting and energy planning. Optimise energy consumption and improve the shopping experience with real-time data analytics.

Live sensor data

Presence heatmap

Via a sensor grid, integrated in the ceiling, locations of interest, people-flow and presence can be visualized and statistically predicted. The heatmap shows the current state of presence. 

Energy monitoring

The data shows the current power consumption and the total energy consumption of the individual cabin.

People counting – light barrier

Counting people who are entering and leaving the room. The total of all entries and exits gives the present number of people inside the room. 

Energy monitoring

Each individual booth is tracked on its own. The data shows current power consumption and total energy used by the whole installation.

People counting – optical

Locating and counting people inside the room based on optical sensor technology. A single sensor offers the possibility to detect sitting and standing persons in several zones. 

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Retail Lighting

New shopping experience

Shopping is an emotional event. For years, stores around the world have been evolving to offer customers experiences beyond just the products. The more inspiring the environment and the more comfortable people feel, the higher their willingness to buy. Light decides whether customers complete a purchase. Learn more about perfect staging for different stores and areas as well as concrete project examples and lighting concepts – for unforgettable shopping experiences.

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SQUADRO is the market leader for wide-area illumination of shelves. It is a particularly bright spotlight for six application scenarios and can be used to create lighting accents and much more. Thanks to its special reflector technology, SQUADRO is both highly efficient and energy-efficient. TWIST and VARO, with their optimised colour temperature, are the ideal choice for a particularly appetising presentation of fresh produce. In wines, tiny NANO luminaires on the underside of the shelves ensure that the bottles are exclusively accentuated, and labels are easy to read.

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wallwasher recessed


1 lamp recessed


In the boutique sector, luxury goods are the focus of attention. Tiny modular luminaires, such as PICO or NANO, create highlights with high-precision points of light and are themselves virtually invisible. This effect is even stronger with the minimalist SPIO or MOVE IN luminaires, which can recede into the ceiling. Areas with dimmed or deliberately reduced lighting show that appealing lighting design can be combined with low power consumption.

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Products you can see at our booth


New Version


round recessed


basic recessed


MOVE IT 45 and 25 are flexible track systems which adapt precisely to the shop layout thanks to variable insets. Adaptive spotlights, such as BO, can always be readjusted to flexibly set the light to changing collections, special offers, and new products.  

Fashion exclusive

In the exclusive fashion sector, lighting units themselves become design elements. MOVE IT 10, with its discreet elegance and particularly slender housing, fits perfectly into stylishly designed fashion stores. Its elegant colour scheme (rosé, chrome, black, gun metal, brushed aluminium and brushed brass) is in keeping with the credo that only the textures, colours, and materials complete the shopping experience in a fashion store. The impressive SASSO 40 and SPIO spotlights are visually unobtrusive and particularly mobile. Their light falls exactly where needed.
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Products you can see at our booth


MOVE IN 32 flex round trimless


flex round trimless
SASSO 40 round adjustable trimless


round adjustable trimless


surface / suspended system


trimless system
BO 55 intrack stucchi;BO 55 intrack

BO 55


Social space

The decorative JANE light rope stands – or rather hangs – in the social space, complemented by the BO spotlight for ambient light. Lounge furniture offers space for interaction, be it networking among colleagues, or specific planning discussions.

Light experience room

Experience the full lighting potential of XAL’s products in the Light Experience Room. How does the feeling in a room change when the lighting is broad or accentuated? In what ways do light colours influence our perception and senses? Here we show various lighting settings and scenarios over 360 degrees to make their effect and aesthetics perceptible up-close. The highlight is a specially conceived light show, which presents different lighting designs – from dynamic and lively to atmospheric and calm – and directly compares them with each other. © Sounddesign by Severin Su

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Inspiration for shop lighting

Retail Lighting - Shopping is an emotional event
For years, shops around the world have been changing to offer customers not just products, but experiences. The more inspiring the environment and the more comfortable people feel, the greater their willingness to buy. Light decides whether customers make a purchase. Learn more about the perfect staging for the different stores and areas as well as about concrete project examples and lighting concepts – for unforgettable shopping experiences.

Feucht Fashion

The Alps have an undeniably enormously powerful aura. At Lifestylehaus Feucht in Innsbruck, the spirit of the mountains continues inside.