The art of round efficiency 


Efficient office lighting

One's performance and concentration are boosted by a pleasant environment. The powerful SETA supports well-being at the workplace thanks to its round, elegant shape. It provides a perfect working light with a colour rendering value of up to CRI > 98. Its optimised reflectors are specifically designed for computer work. Together with its integrated indirect component, it delivers homogeneous ceiling illumination and generates a pleasant working atmosphere. SETA comes as a ceiling, surface-mounted, or suspended single and system luminaire.

Product variety

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ceiling / suspended system
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CONEX surface / suspended system

Straight or with corners

SETA fits perfectly into any lighting design concept. The single suspended luminaire comes in two different lengths. As a SETA System, it is available as a ceiling-mounted or suspended luminaire. Its straight lines or corner connectors can visually connect rooms and perfectly illuminate them. It can visually connect rooms as a straight SETA system or a SETA 60 system with CONEX connectors and illuminate them perfectly. The CONEX connector (patent pending) gives the SETA 60 system a high degree of flexibility. As a mechanical and electrical L-, T-, and X-shaped connecting element, it allows implementation of geometric shapes over several levels.

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Work-friendly light

SETA works perfectly as an office luminaire thanks to its standard-compliant workplace illumination (up to UGR ≤ 16). Glare-reduced reflectors and blind covers direct the light precisely onto the work surface, automatically reducing reflections. The direct/indirect variant distributes the widely radiating indirect light component homogeneously onto the ceiling, ensuring a pleasant work atmosphere. The Tunable White version also enables the course of daylight to be imitated and supports our natural circadian rhythm via ceiling lighting. SETA is also available with full-spectrum LEDs.

Intelligent sensor technology

When fitted with a DALI sensor, the SETA product family can also be controlled as a network. The intelligent sensor technology uses a predefined delay before switching the lighting off automatically when desks, rooms, or corridors are unoccupied. The energy-saving sensor provides increased durability and illumination exactly when it is needed. In addition, a brightness sensor adjusts the SETA System's light intensity to the ambient brightness.

Sensor technology

Brilliant design

When lighting itself becomes a design accent: Simple minimalist design language combined with the trend color chrome makes SETA a unique eye-catcher and adds special character to any room. SETA not only shines in its colours on the exterior, but its reflectors are also available in chrome and dark chrome, delivering customised design options.


Tunable White

2600 - 6500 K

Pleasant work atmosphere

Blind cover

Glare-free lighting

Reflector (up to UGR < 16)

Standard-compliant workplace illumination

Full-spectrum LED

Healthy and eye-friendly light with CRI ≥ 98

Black reflector

High-quality appearance due to black reflector

TUBO / SETA CONEX system luminaires

The CONEX system luminaires are connected electrically and mechanically by a simple plug-in connection, facilitating quick, simple, and straightforward installation of complex lighting systems. The rotatable luminaire connector makes comprehensive room illumination, both of heights and depths, possible. This is achieved by the CONEX connector (patent pending), which grants the system a high degree of flexibility. It can be used to implement geometric L-, T-, and X-shapes over several levels.

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