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TUBO / SETA 60 CONEX system

A system for general and task lighting

The TUBO / SETA system luminaires can be flexibly joined with various connecting elements to create both optimum task lighting and pleasant ambient illumination. The patent-pending CONEX connector gives the system a high degree of flexibility. As a mechanical and electrical connecting element, it allows implementation of geometric shapes over several levels. Thanks to their opal cover, the TUBO system luminaire delivers uniform ambient illumination and the characteristic beam angle of up to 340° provides a soft ceiling illumination that supports a positive room atmosphere. The reflectors of the SETA system luminaires, specially optimized for office spaces and designed for VDU work, create a pleasant lighting atmosphere in combination with indirect light components in work areas.

Connector CONEX

The patent pending CONEX connection system for the TUBO 60 system now offers even more design freedom. With the flexible lighting system, geometric shapes or exciting light sculptures can be created. Thanks to the mechanical and electrical connectors in L, T, and X shapes, a visually uniform lighting system is created. In combination with the SETA system, various areas of applications are possible – whether as corridor, office luminaire or visual guidance system.

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A pleasant ambience

CONEX SETA TUBO offers versatile lighting options. TUBO 340° creates homogeneous ambient light, while SETA direct provides efficient task light. SETA direct/indirect creates harmonious light by combining direct and indirect light. SETA indirect provides pleasant ambience, and blind channels allow flexibility through non-illuminated connections.

Direct Suspended

Indirect Suspended

Direct / Indirect Suspended

Opal 340°

Blind Cover

Plug & Play

The Socket & Plug system makes it possible to connect the individual elements of the TUBO / SETA CONEX lighting system with each other. CONEX system luminaires are electrically and mechanical connected by a simple plug-in connection. This makes the installation of a complex lighting system simple, quick, and straightforward.

SETA 60 indirect surface / suspended system;SETA 60 CONEX indirect surface / suspended system

SETA 60 CONEX indirect surface / suspended system

3000 K, 4000 K
CRI ≥ 80 / 3 SDCM
UGR ≤ 10, 13, 16, 19
up to 8,190 lm/↑ 9,080 lm
up to 149 lm/W
L90 / 50000 h
High Performance Opal, Reflector
TUBO 60 CONEX surface / suspended system;TUBO 60 surface / suspended system

TUBO 60 surface / suspended system

3000 K, 4000 K
CRI ≥ 80 / 3 SDCM
UGR ≤ 10, 13, 16, 19
up to 8,190 lm/↑ 9,080 lm
up to 149 lm/W
L90 / 50000 h
High Performance Opal, Reflector


mechanical & electrical


1 piece, 10 pieces, mechanical & electrical angular 60° | incl. opal cover connector, mechanical & electrical | incl. opal cover connector, mechanical angular 60° | incl. opal cover connector, mechanical | incl. opal cover connector

Creative arrangements

The TUBO / SETA CONEX system is available for wall and ceiling mounting as well as in suspended pendant versions. The pendant system can be mounted extremely flexibly. Thanks to the height-adjustable wire suspension and the 350° rotatable joints of the connectors, the luminaires can be suspended not only horizontally but also at an angle at different heights. The resulting creative freedom allows rooms to shine with individual patterns and unusual light formations. The individual TUBO and SETA luminaires can also be seamlessly connected to each other and thus also provide large rooms with different functional areas with the ideal lighting concept.

TUBO 60 & Blind Cover Grid

SETA 60 & Blind Cover



Design freedom

350° rotatable connectors

Highly efficient

up to 160 lm/W

Reflector (up to UGR < 19)

Standard-compliant illumination of workplaces

Opal Cover

340° uniform illumination


presence, temperature, air humidity, CO2 and sound pressure 

System Products


SETA is an efficient ceiling surface-mounted or pendant luminaire that provides perfect working light with a color rendering value of up to CRI >98. The optimized reflectors have been specially developed for working with screens. Together with the integrated indirect component, a homogeneous ceiling illumination and thus a pleasant working atmosphere is created.


The TUBO system with linear connectors can be used to create eye-catching light patterns. Two sizes provide more design freedom. The characteristic beam angle of up to 340° and the opal cover provide homogeneous basic illumination and at the same time gentle ceiling brightening.