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Unlimited design freedom

Experience unlimited design freedom with the versatile MOVE IT PRO high-voltage track system. This 3-phase DALI track offers two separate emergency lighting circuits. A range of sensors and flexible indirect light insets facilitate a holistic solution. The tool-free installation and wide range of linear optics and spotlights allow creative design freedom in offices, restaurants, shops, educational institutions, and public spaces. As a recessed, surface-mounted, or suspended system with T-, L-, and X-connectors, it facilitates customised arrangements.

Versatile application options

The large selection of insets and the various T-, L-, and X-connectors guarantee that MOVE IT PRO can be used for a wide range of applications. Whether uniform general lighting, standardised workplace and school lighting, accent lighting in restaurants, or the ideal illumination of shelving areas in retail – we offer a wide range of design options.

Efficiency: 190 lm/W

For maximum efficiency and precise light control, these luminaire insets have been developed in-house using state-of-the-art technology. The most efficient LEDs, high-quality micro-faceted optics, and the latest converter technologies ensure excellent efficiency and optimal glare-free light distribution.

L-, T- and X-Connectors

The L-, T-, and X-connectors give you creative design freedom to realise bespoke room designs. The special feature: the linear insets can be positioned beyond the X-connectors, thus ensuring continuous lighting.

Mounting options

The MOVE IT PRO system offers a variety of mounting options: As a recessed or surface-mounted version for wall and ceiling installation, as well as suspended with direct and indirect light. These diverse versions facilitate a wide range of applications.

MOVE IT PRO Insets & Systeme










TARO (coming soon)




ARY (coming soon)

NOBA (coming soon)


surface - suspended system

trimless system

Freely positionable linear insets

Individual room concepts are accentuated by a seamless lighting system. Power adapters can be freely positioned along the track and supply up to three metres of linear insets. The insets can be used flexibly above the adapter and seamlessly connected to one another via plug-in connections.

Smart sensor technology

The addition of specially developed DALI sensors turns MOVE IT PRO into a smart-lighting system. The sensors can also be easily and flexibly integrated into the system later. The ESSENTIAL sensor adapts the lighting to the ambient brightness and room activity. The SENSE sensor also measures temperature, air quality, humidity, and noise levels. This data provides important information about the ambient conditions and supports long-term energy savings.

Homogenous indirect light

The 170° wide beam, indirect MOVE IT PRO light inset provides homogeneous ceiling illumination and creates a pleasant room atmosphere with a feel-good factor. The inset can be freely positioned in the track and can also be retrofitted.

More flexibility

The direct and indirect insets can be flexibly mounted in the patented MOVE IT PRO system without tools and be freely arranged along the track. In this way, nothing hinders simple assembly and spatial reorganisation.

Emergency sign & light

The MOVE IT PRO 3-phase track system also offers two additional emergency lighting circuits for the integration of Dietmar Nocker Sicherheitstechnik GmbH & Co KG emergency and safety lighting. These can also be easily integrated into the system later.

Further product families


MOVE IT 25 is the slim version of the track concept: its profile width is only 25 mm. It impresses with its design freedom. Lighting insets can be mounted in the tracks without tools. Maximum flexibility meets reduced elegance.

MOVE IT 45 System

In order to provide architects and lighting planners with an all-round unit for the office area, we have developed the MOVE IT 45 track system to such an advanced stage that we have created an optimum lighting solution for workstations. This has resulted in linear luminaire inserts that make MOVE IT 45 the first track system that covers all application areas in the office.