NOI Techpark

Innovative architecture and technology

NOI Techpark is an innovation and competence centre for companies, researchers, and students with a focus on the automotive sector. It is located on the site of the former bus station in central Bruneck. In addition to the completed main building, the entire project comprises three further structures, which together frame the square and form a new urban ensemble. The building structures are well integrated into the context and create interesting perspectives and connections. The architecture by KUP Architekten is clear and generous. This quality is to be continued in the lighting.

A vibrant campus

A campus for technology is vibrant; it is ahead of its time. It is a meeting place for entrepreneurs, researchers, and students; a place where science and business come together. Progress takes centre stage, ideas for the future are developed here. The campus houses laboratories and rooms for networking, start-ups, university premises for logistics and production engineering as well as a public event area and a bistro. KUP Architekten involved VON LUTZ lighting designers early in the planning process. The lighting should be functional, flexible, and as discreet as possible.

NOI Techpark
NOI Techpark
NOI Techpark

Optimal effect in the foyer

The foyer, with its spacious, curved staircase, is used for receptions, exhibitions, and presentations. The lighting here must therefore be able to create different moods. To respond to these changing requirements, the combination of suspended MINO profile luminaires with the flexible MOVE IT 25 system and dimmable JUST 55 spotlights is an ideal solution.

NOI Techpark


The concert hall itself was the biggest challenge for the lighting design. The luminaires should not be visible and should emphasise the folded geometry of the walls and ceiling sails. Three-phase track and powerful VARO 80 spotlights were used here, creating an atmospheric ambience with very good colour rendering (CRI ≥ 95) even in the high ceiling. The walls were also illuminated with BO 32. On the stage, SASSO 100 PRO ensures a particularly uniform light pattern and professional glare control.

NOI Techpark
NOI Techpark

Energy-efficient controls

The NOI Techpark Bruneck focusses on sustainability for its in-house energy supply. The building’s glass façade welcomes daylight into its interior. Presence and daylight sensors control artificial light as required. This means that the lighting system works efficiently and sustainably while fulfilling the requirement of making the vibrant campus visible to the entire city.

NOI Techpark

"Noi Techpark immediately made me think of technology and innovation. The light should underscore this feeling of space: an intelligent interplay of architecture and technology. The lighting should support ideas and progress."

Alexa von Lutz, lighting design VONLUTZ

In the spotlight

VON LUTZ - electrical and lighting projects - has been involved in the project planning and construction management of electrotechnical systems for four generations. Planning electrical engineering and lighting from a single source is a major advantage, as the two fields of activity are closely related.

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MINO 100



trimless system


IP54 trim system


suspended indirect system


adjustable flush round recessed
New Version

BO 32 / 45 / 55

intrack 2 | 3 lamps



Photographer: Oliver Jaist
Architect: KUP – ARCH
Lighting Designer: Dr. Arch. Alexa von Lutz