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Step into our Munich showroom and experience a world where design and technology shake hands. Immerse yourself in a carefully curated collection of innovative luminaires that integrate seamlessly into your architectural vision. From elegant and modern designs to timeless classics, discover the perfect lighting in our showroom to create a fitting, unique atmosphere in your projects.

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Product highlights


flex round recessed
UNICO L2 basic trim


basic trim
SASSO 60 square downlight semi-recessed;SASSO 60 square adjustable semi-recessed


square downlight semi-recessed

MITA circle

TUBO 60 surface


LINEA inner corner opal / asymmetric wall system;LINEA inner corner opal / opal wall system


inner corner opal / asymmetric wall system
New Version


circle suspended

Movable light effect

XAL’s MOVE IN series of luminaires’ trump card is mobility. New and exciting ceiling pictures are created by combining round or square with flush or protruding spots. The spots are height-adjustable without any tools. Combining round or square spots which can be installed flush or protruding from the ceiling, new and exciting images can be created on the ceiling. The 2700 K and 3000 K light colours create an atmospheric lighting effect.

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Elegant power track with bespoke design

The dimmable MOVE IT 10 power track’s slender cross-section with widths from 10 to a maximum of 29 mm is impressive and available in round and angular shapes. With individual arrangements, various connectors, and useful adapters, it offers a wide choice for reduced interior design. The track facilitates harmonious curves or precise corners, and offers five installation types for flexible lighting design. Available in black, white, chrome, and many special colours.

Visualisation House
Visualisation House
Visualisation House
Visualisation House
Visualisation House

92.2 quadrillion options

With UNICO, XAL has succeeded in creating a uniquely flexible product. The downlight offers the right solution for every requirement. As a lighting designer or architect, you can configure UNICO individually: Choose between three installation options, seven shapes, eleven light insets, two sensors, four colour temperatures (incl. dynamic, gradient Tunable White), four product colours, and two control options. Each variant can be combined with the other versions as desired. There has never been more freedom in professional lighting design with just one single luminaire.

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