Presence as desired


Movable light effect

This luminaire’s trump card is mobility. MOVE IN’s appearance can be easily adapted without tools at any time because the spots are height-adjustable. New and exciting ceiling pictures are created by combining round or square with flush or protruding spots. The light colours 2700 K and 3000 K create an atmospheric lighting effect.

Product details

Product variety

New Version


round recessed
New Version


square recessed
New Version


flex round recessed

Precise light adjustment

MOVE IN flex offers the greatest possible flexibility. The spotlight can not only be rotated 360°, but also swivelled 90°. This allows the light to be directed exactly where it is needed.

Thanks to different beam angles, MOVE IN is suitable for different areas of application: from narrow-beam spot for precise and targeted lighting, to medium and flood for accentuated basic brightness.

Light distribution

spot 18° / 14°

medium 23° / 24°

flood 37° / 39°

Glare control & colour rendering

Thanks to the recessed light spot level, MOVE IN spots provide optimum glare control. As the high-quality reflector optics have very good colour rendering values (CRI ≥ 90), objects are rendered almost true to colour.

Ball catch system

Mounting and replacing MOVE IN spots is very easy. The spots are fixed in the system by a ball catch system. This in turn can be installed in three different positions – for flexible adaptation of the lighting to changing requirements and conditions.