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"New Work" has changed our everyday work life. The traditional office has given way to a flexible, social working environment. Between desk sharing and creative collaboration, the aim is to rethink both work and spaces and utilise them in the best possible way.

XAL and value one have jointly developed a solution. Re:workX – the innovative link between light and the work environment. Smart-sensor luminaires measure relevant room values and automatically adapt building management. The helloX office app uses this data and enables employees to find available workstations and network with colleagues facilitating social interaction. The result: maximum energy efficiency and workspaces in which people feel comfortable.

Workplace management via app

Does a co-working space already seem full? The app recommends workstations in an empty office. Or has the last employee left the floor? Motion sensors react by switching off lights to reduce energy costs.

Employees can use the helloX office app to easily book meeting rooms, find available workstations, or network with their colleagues. Intelligent room utilisation preserves resources, saves time, and facilitates social interaction. The app also includes digital worktime recording and many other features.

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Precise data –
effective measures

Sensor data provides precise information about building utilisation and displays it in real time on a dashboard. This allows individual rooms or entire floors to be heated, ventilated, or lit more efficiently. Room maintenance and facility management can also be adapted to actual utilisation.

Both energy efficiency and room/spatial quality are improved thanks to analysis. Sensors for noise levels or CO2 content in the air signal when an office is too loud or stuffy and can be linked to the control of a ventilation system or used for acoustic adjustments in a room. The relevant data can also be used to create an ESG sustainability report on request.

Smart sensor luminaires

Our smart sensors collect all key data. These required sensors are built into the products from the outset or are available as stand-alone versions – you decide whether other parameters such as air quality, temperature, or sound volume should be measured in addition to brightness and the movement of people.

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Sensor features


Based on real-time temperature data, heating and cooling can be regulated in the room to create an ideal indoor climate.

Sound volume

The visual display of the noise level facilitates the design of rooms such that a pleasant atmosphere is created.

Carbon dioxide

The monitoring of CO2 emissions serves to ensure a healthy work environment and can be used for ESG sustainability reporting.


Presence sensors identify vacant workstations, which both saves energy (e.g. through adapted lighting) and makes it easier for employees to find available workstations.

Air humidity

The measurement automatically recognises high values and promotes regular ventilation for an ideal room climate.


Adapting artificial light to natural daylight results in effective energy savings and has a positive effect on the health and circadian rhythm of employees.

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ceiling / suspended system


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free standing

"Property owners, architects, lighting planners, and office owners who decide to work with us benefit from first-class solutions that both significantly reduce energy consumption and thus optimise operating costs while also sustainably and innovatively improving the work environment."


Thomas Hellweg, CEO re:workX

Tradition meets Innovation

Grandstands at the Vienna Harness Racing Track Vienna, Austria

The building has remained unused for more than 70 years, but after three years of renovation it has now been converted into an office of the future. The renovation was planned using the Activity Based Working model to provide a modern work environment. To implement this concept, the BETO floor luminaire was modified to meet the specific customer requirements and equipped with extended sensors. Read more about the platform for the new way of working and the opportunities for greater comfort in the workplace.


Deciding in favour of sustainable building automation also pays off economically. Implementation measures are supported and financially subsidised by the Federal Ministry. Both the system itself and the planning and installation count as costs to be considered.

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