Tengbom headquarters

Spatial discovery in pink

The Swedish architectural firm has created a new headquarters in an old mineral factory dating back to 1934 in Stockholm's lively Hagastaden neighbourhood. Because change and renewal are good for creativity. Tengbom wants this new office to establish a pleasant, creative, and functional environment that encourages staff to come to the office rather than work at home. The 1200 square metres of office space offer plenty of scope for creative design.

Office Tengbom

An office that exudes freedom and optimism

The spatial journey begins in the entrance area, where visitors are greeted by an inviting and dynamic arena with an open-plan kitchen. The office is adapted to an activity-based work approach and divided into zones that provide space for all types of work. The pink ceiling connects the different areas in the office and creates an optimistic, warm feeling that is energising and generates identity.

Office Tengbom
Office Tengbom

An evocative meeting place

The Tengbom headquarters’ lighting solution provides a varied, primarily downward-directed light with relatively low illuminance levels. In the generous and open premises, the light is intended to emphasise the function and character of the various spaces. This is where the striking MINO and BASO profile luminaires play the central role at the workstations and in the meeting rooms.

Office Tengbom

A flexible lighting solution

A large track louvre emphasises the interior walkways. Tracks are a versatile solution that, with the BO spotlights, facilitates flexible alignment of the light – vertically for walls and horizontally for pathways. This combination also forms the lighting solution in the large communal area. The light functions in the background, is flexible, and the clear design harmonises beautifully with the interior concept.

Office Tengbom
Office Tengbom
Office Tengbom

Sustainable planning

In the interest of sustainability, the lighting solution with tracks eases long-term use and flexibility for any new tenant requirements. The LED luminaires guarantee a long service life and low energy consumption.

Office Tengbom

"The result is an efficient and sustainable lighting system that reflects the urban and airy character of the new premises and mirrors the company's creative vision."

Jonas Lindahl, Lighting Designer, Ljusrum

In the spotlight

Light as a phenomenon is a driving force for me. Light is about operating in the borderland between aesthetics and technology. Light and darkness exist in each other's reflections. Exploring different materials and creating "carriers" for light, and working with various types of spatiality, is exciting, developmental, and offers new challenges.

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Jonas Lindahl, Lighting Designer, Ljusrum
Jonas Lindahl, Lighting Designer, Ljusrum


BO 32 / 45 / 55



New Version


ceiling / suspended system


Photographer: Felix Gerlach
Architect: Tengbom
Lighting Designer: Ljusrum