A marvellous place

Home to a banking institution for almost seventy years and converted into a rental office in the late 1980s, the imposing building on Rue Cambon Paris is now undergoing a complete reinvention. The main challenge is to perpetuate the site through contemporary architecture while expressing the brand image of a major French luxury house.

A concept with the aura of a luxury brand

To reflect the brand's image, the interiors and façades are designed to be consistently contemporary. The shades of black and white playfully interact with the reflections of the monumental building’s fine materials.

Light is the common thread

The atrium and its magnificent staircase contribute significantly to the quality of the interior spaces. ORY.architecture creates a pleasant atmosphere with great sensitivity thanks to Distylight’s lighting concept. The height, the volume, and the natural light posed a real challenge. The lighting concept was to blend in harmoniously to maintain this calm and provide consistency to the whole site. Therefore, the colour temperature was adjusted for each floor, to each of the six floor heights.

As elegant as the building

The elegant MOVE IT 25 track system (with JUST 55 spotlights) and the MINO 60 and FRAME 60 CURVE profile luminaires were ideal for achieving a homogeneous balance between natural and artificial light. Thanks to precise work inside, from conception to execution, one of the most beautiful buildings in the centre of Paris was completed.

"Light is something that can give the project something supernatural."

Johan Sustrac, CEO Distylight


I am passionate about observing everything that surrounds me and how it is influenced by light. My vision drives me to develop light in all areas, to surround myself with it, to realise my projects in collaboration with the respective actors.

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Johan Sustrac, CEO, Distylight
Johan Sustrac, CEO, Distylight



trimless system
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trim system
New Version


ceiling / suspended system


round recessed 1 lamp


Architect: ORY.architecture 
Lighting Design: Distylight