Enlighten Europe 2023

Lighting Cross Table

Thought provoking conversation

The importance of tackling climate change cannot be overstated. We are  aware of our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and embrace sustainable practices. As key stakeholders in the lighting industry, lighting designers are our essential sparring partners.

At this years Lighting Cross Talk we aim to engage in a meaningful exchange, discussing materials, practices, obstacles, and low hanging fruits in achieving sustainable lighting solutions.

We look forward to vivid discussions during the Enlighten Europe Conference and contributing to a brighter and more sustainable future for the lighting sector.

30. June, 16:00
1 July, 11:30

Cafe Moskau, Berlin

Product highlights for lighting professionals

SPIO 60 downlight trimless


downlight trimless
SASSO 60 round adjustable trim;SASSO 60 round adjustable trim concrete


round adjustable trim
UNICO Q9 basic ceiling


basic ceiling
MOVE IT 25 track;MOVE IT 25 surface / suspended system


MOVE IT 45 track


MOVE IT 10 track square curve suspended


track square curve suspended

Aertssen Logistics

A futuristic building that gives the impression of a modern boat, in an industrial environment. A unique contrast. The chosen lighting system is as unique as the building itself. It is so powerful that it was used for most of the interior for various ceiling heights up to over five metres. A further requirement was that no lighting fixtures should be visible from the outside through the transparent façade.

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Sustainability Report

Our goal is clear: to achieve CO2-neutral status in all our locations by 2030. Our first sustainability report contains a robust and transparent database that provides insight into our current status and areas for improvement. Aligned with international standards of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the GRI, our report considers environmental, social, and ethical aspects of sustainability via an ESG framework. In our effort to decrease our carbon footprint, among a lot of other measures, we are actively investigating various materials and exploring different production methods. 

We invite you to join us on our journey towards climate neutrality and learn about our past accomplishments and continued efforts to become increasingly sustainable, year after year.

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