New Way of Working

The office solutions company’s vision at Messeturm Basel was to create an office designed to meet the latest work standards that reconciles the New Way of Working’s high demands by considering very different needs and working methods within a team. In addition to the flexible, demand-oriented requirements of a modern workplace, the FlexOffice owners thought it critical to consider sensual and emotional aspects to create a space where employees enjoy spending time, both mentally and physically.

Design Highlight

The primary requirement was to develop a lighting concept as a multifunctional design element for interior architecture. Simultaneously, however, it was to be a design highlight that enables a variable and experience-oriented use of the space. Moreover, a light show was to be programmed for the opening that would attract attention from afar and create dazzling impressions. XAL implemented the programming of each individual lighting module for the spectacular event lighting in-house.

Classic versus FlexOffice planning

The unconventional approach to lighting planning was entirely contrary to the classic workplace concept planning, which usually models the future use of the office space to the last detail. FlexOffice, however, was based on a transformative space concept in which future tenants enjoy enormous flexibility (thanks to modular adaptation of the spaces).

Solution: One meets all

Together, modules with three light components (direct, indirect, and atmospheric light) were developed for the MOVE IT 45 system. They can be modified for different uses of the area and adapted to requirements. Classic work zones, communicative meeting places, and vertical areas can thus be individually illuminated and controlled on a zone-by-zone basis.

Low ceiling height as a challenge

The low ceiling of 2.58 m needed special consideration when developing and implementing the lighting concept. Indirect light optically stretched the ceiling, appearing to elevate the room. The MOVE IT 45 system’s indirect light shines homogeneously onto the ceiling, illuminating the room.

Acoustic planning

The future use of the space could not be anticipated when planning its room acoustics. Therefore, the room had to function acoustically independently of the furniture. The room acoustics could only be solved via the ceiling. The solution was the integration of acoustic absorbers in the modular MOVE IT 45 system. 

In the spirit of sustainability 

DALI lighting control offers a significant contribution to reducing resource consumption. Thanks to the programmed swarm function, daylight and presence control can be energy-optimised. For instance, if only one person remains at the workspace, the lighting modules on the ceiling are operated concentrically with reduced power around the employee.

"XAL picked up our idea, took over the complex coordination, and allowed innovation in product development. Product solutions far beyond standards were defined and implemented for all areas with only one product."

Sebastian Godenzi, Head of Workplace, FlexOffice (Schweiz) AG


As a passionate lighting designer, the planning of an innovative, light-creating framework for sophisticated and highly flexible room planning was elementary for me. The result is the implementation of an office lighting design unique in Switzerland, combining many innovations: from acoustics, technology, and sustainability to sensor technology.

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Sebastian Godenzi, Head of Workplace, FlexOffice (Schweiz) AG
Sebastian Godenzi, Head of Workplace, FlexOffice (Schweiz) AG

Office on track

MOVE IT 45 System

In order to provide architects and lighting planners with an all-round unit for the office area, we have developed the MOVE IT 45 track system to such an advanced stage that we have created an optimum lighting solution for workstations. This has resulted in linear luminaire inserts that make MOVE IT 45 the first track system that covers all application areas in the office.

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Photographer: Z. Gataric Fotografie
Lighting Design: XAL & Sebastian Godenzi, FlexOffice (Schweiz) AG
Architect: FlexOffice (Schweiz) AG