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Sustainable and future-proof

When Art-Invest Real Estate’s Berlin branch moved into EASTON House, special attention was paid to making the new office sustainable and future-proof. Thanks to XAL's collaboration with wtec, smartengine technology replaces the classic DALI control system with an IP-based lighting control system. This makes a significant contribution to energy savings.

Smart sensors meet smart lighting

The project’s unique feature is that although luminaires from the old office were reused, energy consumption was reduced thanks to the latest technology. The luminaires’ service life was extended by eliminating the drivers. In addition, there was a clear desire to collect important building information on space utilisation, temperature, or brightness for further energy optimisation and to create a future-proof smart building infrastructure. How the existing luminaires were now used and at the same time equipped with smart sensor technology, you can read below.

Networked lighting technology

A wired sensor network in connection with Bluetooth beacons is the basis for all evaluations. The luminaires from the inventory were converted from a conventional power supply to a power supply via data cable (PoE). In the new office, these luminaires are supplied with power efficiently via a conventional data cable through the use of smartengine technology. Meanwhile, important information on presence, temperature, brightness, as well as power consumption is collected in real time via a multifunctional sensor network. Here, smartengine technology replaces the classic DALI control and is flexible in its use. If the floor plan changes, individual luminaires can be reassigned to a new room via software without rewiring. Lighting scenes can be easily activated at the touch of a button or via an app.

Lighting as a spatial-acoustic component

Beyond the intelligent control system, it was especially critical that the employees feel comfortable in the premises. Acoustics play an essential role in this. With MUSE, a luminaire was used in the open-plan offices that both effectively optimises the room acoustics and illuminates the workplaces in the best possible way. For this project, MUSE was equipped for the first time with the smart sensors from wtec and thus combines both - intelligent light and optimal room acoustics. Its characteristic design language and the haptically appealing surface make MUSE a confident design element in the office.

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In the spirit of sustainability

Efficiency and sustainability are of critical importance throughout the entire project. Thus, both the control system and the luminaire itself fulfils this requirement. Recycled material plays the main role here. MUSE’s felt-like material is 50% recycled PET. Precisely pressed into shape, the material combines three advantages – it is inherently stable, acoustically effective, and has a visually and haptically pleasant surface quality. That is how the luminaires in the open-plan offices deliver top well-being while being environmentally responsible.

"XAL and wtec’s innovative solutions for revitalising existing buildings blew us away. The IoT-ready luminaires meet all our wishes for a healthy and smart office environment through modern design."

Lena Brühne, Partner, Head of Berlin, Art-Invest Real Estate


XAL's collaboration with wtec made combining existing infrastructure and new technology possible. Based on an innovative, IP-based lighting control and a digital sensor network, significant energy savings can be realised with smartengine technology. It is crystal-clear about one year after installation – energy consumption for lighting is only 1.3 W/m2 on average, far below conventional consumption values. This has reduced both energy costs and the carbon footprint. In addition, the office occupancy information provides real added value in any safe "back to office" strategy, and flexible workplace and space utilisation.

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Lena Brühne, Partner, Head of Berlin, Art-Invest Real Estate
Lena Brühne, Partner, Head of Berlin, Art-Invest Real Estate

Photographer: Andrew Alberts
Architect: LEPEL & LEPEL Architekt Innenarchitektin PartG mbB