Hidden talent


Minimal recessed spotlight - maximum effect

Visually reduced to the minimum, SPIO recessed spotlights have many hidden talents to put your rooms in the right light. Thanks to their minimalist design (trimless or with trim) and the paintable housing, the round spotlights integrate seamlessly into the ceiling. The small light aperture of 10 mm is almost invisible, but the special lens technology behind it provides impressive and effective illumination of the room. Thanks to precise light control, SPIO sets objects and selected room areas masterfully in scene.

Product variety



SPIO 20 wallwasher floor


SPIO 60 trim


SPIO 60 adjustable


Homogeneous appearance

SPIO is the right choice for a uniform ceiling appearance. Thanks to its extremely small light aperture of 10 mm, the recessed spotlight appears almost invisible. The effective lighting is rounded off by its minimalist design language.

High-efficiency lens

Large light output – almost unnoticed. SPIO has a special LFO lens, which is mounted at an exact distance from the light-emission surface, thus ensuring that no light beam appears on the inner surface of the housing. This reduces the light-emission surface, and SPIO illuminates the room almost unnoticed.

Light distribution

Despite its small emission surface, the recessed spotlight achieves a beam angle of either 35° or 44°. SPIO 20 is also available with Wallwasher Floor optic, which creates a homegeneous wall brightening effect. SPIO thus provides glare-free light and skilfully stages objects.

Precise light adjustment

The adjustable version of SPIO 60, patent pending, can be moved in all directions thanks to a magnetic plate. The spotlight can thus both be rotated 360° and pivoted up to 30° in all directions. As a result, it offers the greatest flexibility in directing and guiding light exactly where it is desired.

Smooth and invisible

The trimless SPIO version can easily be maintained and adjusted thanks to its cover. The spotlight is completely fitted into a plasterboard ceiling. The recessed housing and ceiling can subsequently be painted over. The spots thus appear “invisible”, creating a homogeneous, effective overall impression.


10 mm light output area

Trimless mounting

LFO lens

Paintable cover

Beam angle