Zigbee luminaires not found

I added Zigbee luminaires via the app. The search did not detect all luminaires.
After addition, it may take 5-10 seconds until all luminaires found appear in the app. Accelerate the process by synchronising manually (slide screen down or click "Sync" arrows). If attempting to add over ten luminaires simultaneously, some may not join the network. We recommend a step-by-step network setup in smaller units (logically separated by room, floor, etc.).

Compatibility of Zigbee luminaires with other products

Does the X-TALK gateway and app support luminaires and bulbs from other manufacturers that use Zigbee?
Yes. Since X-TALK is 100% Zigbee-certified, lamps and driver components from other manufacturers, such as from Philips Hue, OSRAM, or dresden-elektronik, which are themselves Zigbee-compliant, also work.

The gateway cannot be found

My X-TALK gateway is not found by the app or does not appear in the search list.
Ensure your smart device is connected to the same network (subnet) as your gateway and that Bluetooth is enabled. Please also make sure you have the latest version of the app (you can check by looking at the blue X-TALK icon).

Connecting DALI and Zigbee

Is it possible to create groups or scenes comprised of DALI and Zigbee luminaires?
No. Unfortunately, only groups or scenes that either exclusively network Zigbee or DALI luminaires are currently possible. However, we are working on an update to enable such hybrid groups/scenes in future.

Number of luminaires

How many DALI or Zigbee luminaires can I control with one gateway?
Currently, a total of up to 128 DALI luminaires (2x64) can be controlled via two DALI lines. Zigbee currently supports a maximum of 100 luminaires.