Tunable white

Balanced colour temperature and light intensity

The right combination of light intensity and colour temperature makes all the difference in whether we feel comfortable in a room. When the light intensity is low, the colour temperature must be warmer, and the temperature must be cooler when the light intensity is greater (see Kruithof Curve). This comfort can be achieved with tunable white technology and an intelligent controller.

Tunable white in practice

The range of application covers all areas, which are frequented during both daytime and night hours. Whereas during the daytime a cold colour temperature with a high illuminance is preferred, during the morning, evening or night hours, the brightness and the colour temperature can be reduced. As a result, an ideal feel-good range is achieved, in accordance with Kruithof‘s curve. There is an additional positive effect: the warmer light does not affect the natural release of the hormone melatonin and therefore the sleep rhythm.

3000 – 6000 K 

The tunable white light colour available in the catalogue allows variable colour temperature settings from warm to cold white.