RCS - Radar Control System



Thanks to the Radar Control System (RCS), the lights react to the light conditions and movement within the range of the detector. The resulting control information is exchanged wirelessly between the luminaires

Smart interaction with the environment

The Radar Control System regulates the lights according to the presence of people and the intensity of the ambient light. An invisible radar sensor detects even the smallest of movements within a defined scanning area. Information about the detected movements is passed on using a wireless communication module. In this way, any number of luminaires at a distance of up to 10 metres can be combined into an intelligently controlled system. In addition to motion detection, a daylight sensor controls the luminaire based on a defined brightness threshold.

Corridor function

The corridor function is extremely economical and in addition to hallways and stairways is ideal for all areas where people only spend a short amount of time. This function ensures that light only shines when it is actually needed. When the radar sensor registers the presence of a person, the basic light intensity automatically increases to the “presence” lighting level and then runs through a predefined program (see the example below).