Light colours

Classic warm white 3000 K | CRI > 80 or CRI > 90 | 3-step SCDM

This light appears to be purpose-made for use in the retail sector, where product display groups are frequently changing. Clear white and vibrant colours are equally suitable for department stores, textiles and packaged foodstuffs. The CRI 90 variant specifically enhances the reproduction of all saturated colours and gives products a more vivid appearance.

Classic neutral white 4000 K | CRI > 80 or CRI > 90 | 3-step SCDM

Ideal for the presentation of technical products, denim goods and black and white contrasts in high-end textiles, as white and blue tones stand out very well. The CRI 90 version makes skin tones look more vibrant and is therefore suited to use in medical clinics and museums.

Brilliant white 3000 K | CRI > 90 | 3-step SCDM

With this version, very minor differences in white shades are highlighted and colours look full and vibrant. A violet chip was added to the usual blue semi-conductor chip, which acts to counterbalance the yellow-red light wavelengths and prevents any yellow fogging effect.