LED technology

LED technology, the generation of light by electroluminescence, has effectively displaced all other lighting technologies in the market over the past 10 years. This development is due to both a 50 % increase in energy efficiency as well as the unidirectional light emission of LEDs compared to fluorescent lamps. In addition, the service life (lifetime) of LEDs, which is approximately four times longer, significantly reduces maintenance costs and ensures rapid amortisation of the cost of conversion to LEDs. The continuous spectrum of the LEDs enables improved colour rendering. There is no UV or infrared radiation present in the emission spectrum. The small light-emitting surface of LEDs allows light to be precisely directed using reflectors or lenses. The high luminance of LED chips ensures that illuminated objects are visualised in three dimensions and in detail. Further advantages of LEDs include full dimming capability as well as durability under vibration and switching.