LED - Current supply and temperature



LEDs have a different luminous flux output and colour point at different operating temperatures. In order to ensure that the data for the luminous flux and the colour point on the data sheet are as realistic as possible, only LEDs are offered, which have been measured at a thermally steady state of 85 °C. While illuminated, LEDs continuously change the luminous flux output and the colour point. The extent of this degradation in luminous flux and shift in colour point is directly related to the operating current and temperature of the LEDs. As a luminaire manufacturer, XAL places great emphasis in configuring operating current and heat dissipation such that a product can be offered with sustainable performance. This means that thermal management results in minimal shift in the colour point ≥ 1 SDCM after 10,000 h and a low luminous flux degradation L80 after 50,000 h.

Table: Luminous flux maintenance of LM 80 test results at 3 temperatures extrapolated with the TM 21 method.