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Elegant room accentuation, highest performance. LINEA is a reduced, convertible luminaire for stylish wall, floor, and ceiling illumination. The extraordinarily narrow wall profile is completed by various lighting insets. Different beam patterns can be easily combined. For example, an opal cover for homogeneous illumination and asymmetrical illumination for brightening floors or ceilings. Spotlights can be chosen for elegant accentuation or as reading lights. LINEA is available as an individual decorative luminaire in different lengths as well as system variant, including perpendicular corner elements. Choose between white and black for the profile. The inserts optionally have a colour rendering of up to CRI ≥ 98. In addition, the light inserts themselves can be selected in the light colours 2700 K, 3000 K, 4000 K, or as a Tunable White option.


Product overview