Shaffy Restobar

Unique setting

The restaurant opened its doors on January 30th, 2020. Located in the historical Felix Meritis building in Amsterdam, it is a one-of-a-kind setting. The restaurant’s design is an interpretation of a Dutch 18th-century period room, including appropriate historical colours and textile wall covering, with a distinctively contemporary twist. An image of a typical Dutch sky has been translated into a tactile wall covering in the restaurant that contributes to superb acoustics.

Enhancing the visitors’ experience

Together with MATH Architecten and i29 interior design, Koen Smits from Lichtconsult developed the lighting concept for the Felix Meritis building and restaurant. Great lighting design realises and bolsters the architect’s vision, nowhere more so than here. The building has an incredible architectural and cultural legacy. Within the scope of the architect’s vision, the constructional limitations, the client’s wishes, the municipal aesthetics committee, and available budget, Smits was asked to design a lighting plan for all the major spaces to enhance the visitors’ experience and to comply with the operators’ required functionality.

Clean interior design

Although crafting a great atmosphere in a restaurant is by no means a unique design challenge, the project rather concerned elegantly applying proven concepts of indirect, diffuse lighting, and direct accent lighting. The XAL MOVE IT track system and JUST spotlights’ unique design blends seamlessly with the clean interior design such that the lighting showcases the interior’s unique features like the wall’s textiles and the bespoke furniture.

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Tunable lighting as the crucial feature

The option to adjust the direct and indirect tunable white makes a wide range of atmospheres possible, from active lunch meetings to fine dining in the evening. Fantastic colour rendering is an absolute must in a restaurant.

Bespoke solution

The construction of the differing suspended rectangular luminaires, including designing the lengths, integration of indirect lighting, and balancing the needed suspension points with feasibility in an historic ceiling, is a clear example of great team work between lighting designer and manufacturer.

"For such a complex building you need a manufacturer that can deliver on its promise to detail a tailor-made solution. XAL with its team in the Netherlands and factory in Austria was the best choice."

Koen Smits IALD, Lichtconsult


Where do you see the trends for lighting design in restaurants?
Probably in lighting controls. Easily creating lighting scenes with the swipe of a finger that provide perfect scalable solutions in which a restaurant can “switch on” parts of the restaurant for each time of day, season, and number of visitors.

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Koen Smits, Lighting Designer, Lichtconsult
Koen Smits, Lighting Designer, Lichtconsult

Meet Lichtconsult

Lichtconsult is an independent lighting design firm (est. 1989), that commits itself to designing plans for a variety of projects ranging from retail to museums and factories to high-end residential projects. The goal is to realise the (architect's) vision, bringing a solid lighting concept to the table that improves the aesthetic and emotional quality of the building while reducing instalment, power supply, and maintenance costs.

Photographer: Ewout Huibers
Architect: MATH Architecten, i29
Lighting Design: Lichtconsult