Press Glass

Unusual and unique

The goal for Press Glass headquarters – a leader in the European hybrid window industry – was to create a workplace that is environmentally conscious and benefits in many ways from the beautiful landscape. This idea is reflected in room design, geometry, materials, and lighting.

Sophisticated foyer concept

When approaching the building, the architecture follows the curves and lines of the landscape. The entrance area and driveway are covered with a planted area. The fascinating courtyard is the building’s centrepiece, welcoming visitors to the main lobby. Visitors' and employees' attention is subtly drawn to the elegant interior as they enter.

Letting the environment speak

The curved glass façade paired with the landscaped courtyard fill the interior with natural light and draw the green landscape into the office space. The atmosphere resembles a secluded forest cabin, which is associated with tranquillity and a focused mind, stimulating creative thinking.

Subtly integrated lighting

The MOVE IT system's sleek design delivers a very smooth and seamless implementation of lighting into the concept while shaping the ceiling design for all areas. From the foyer to the social rooms to the workplaces. The product is both elegant and flexible. This subtle and simple aesthetic assists in realising the owners' vision of a unique building.

Unusually different office spaces

The office spaces are very different from what we are used to – different in a very natural and casual way. The dark furnishing materials and subtle interior lighting go a long way toward creating a warm and relaxed workplace atmosphere.

"The design has a clear principle to locate offices along the external facade, while the relax and open space zones are placed around the inner courtyard. Thanks to this, each place for quiet individual work takes full advantage of the natural surroundings and light."

Tomasz Konior, Konior Studio


Architecture is an inspiring atmosphere and beauty. It is the passion of creating for people in context of time and place, nature and culture. For me, as founder of Konior Studio the most important and at the same time most valuable in architecture is its connection with a city – the way a dense urban tissue creates diverse places as well as atmosphere and identity of public spaces.

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Tomasz Konior, Head architect, Konior Studio
Tomasz Konior, Head architect, Konior Studio









Photographer: Nate Cook Photography  
Architect: Konior Studio