The Silo

An urban landmark

All three apartments are uniquely situated high above the Nordhavn district. They boast substantial panorama windows framing extraordinary views over Copenhagen to the west, and the sea and Sweden to the east. We have plenty of dark hours in this part of the northern hemisphere. It was challenging to find a lighting solution that minimises reflections in the windows while preserving the views and the interior’s comfort.

To enhance the textural feeling

Two of the three apartments are in the original silo structure, where the architects embraced the rough industrial concrete. The lighting serves to intensify the texture. The apartments are straightforward in their textural expression. The architects wanted consistent lighting, so one system with several configurational options in all spaces was used.

One for all

SASSO 60 with its three optics and above-average glare minimisation and the MOVE IT system have proven themselves the optimal solution for our high-end apartments.

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Filling rooms with life

“We wanted the lighting to be a humble and no-nonsense visual part of the interior to evoke the spaces without dictating the use of space. The industrial buildings now serve as private spaces, so we wanted to provide a canvas for the future user to fill with life,” according to Claes Nilsson.

Everything starts with light

Light has unique effects on the atmosphere and sense of space. As architects, when working on such a project, including lighting design, we first consider: What is the space's intended purpose - and how can the lighting help? How can the lighting emphasise and make the architecture look its best? Lighting sets the tone.


COBE is a progressive and contemporary community of architects that focuses on architecture and design, from buildings to public spaces and large-scale urban planning. “Architecture is not a matter of a particular style or form but its adaptability to the local context, its social life and its users. We aim to create social interaction through all our projects.”

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Claes Nilsson, Architect, Cobe
Claes Nilsson, Architect, Cobe


Photographer: Kris Dekeijser
Architect: COBE
Lighting Design: anker & co